Handessaim high school from Hertzlya Israel needs a 3D printer!

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Hello, I'm omer from Handessaim (Engineers in Hebrew) high school from Hertzlya, Israel. Our school needs a 3D printer! Our school is a-non regional school for STEM subjects (science technology, engineering, mathematics) what means that students from all across Israel coming to learn in our high school. We have 10 different robotics teams in our high school! They are competing in the FRC, FTC & FLL competitions. Every year, our students sketch, design and build different robots and competing with them in national and international competitions. Last year one of our teams went to St. Louis, USA to the international robotics competition, and a nether team got the 3rd place in the Israeli robotics competition!

The FRC team (FIRST robotics competition team) gets only 45 days to build their robot every year. In that time the students are working day & night sketching, building prototypes, designing the robot, programing and at the end manufacturing the robot. All of this happening at our school's robotics lab. Our students are working with Solidworks threw all the building season of the robot (the 45 days). The students are working together to make accurate 3D sketch of the robot, and after that they manufacturing the robot with 2D drawings they produce. The students doing this all proses by them self's! Some of the students learning how to use Solidworks online and teaching the other students, and the year after that the students who know how to sketch and model in Solidworks teach the freshman students in the team, and so on.. We also got a mentor in the team who prefects in Solidworks and 3D printing who helps the students to learn using Solidworks.

Building a robot is a very expensive thing. Sometimes the students need to create parts in a very accurate way and we need to send the parts to a factory. This is very expensive, and this proses takes time that the student don’t have in the tight schedule of 45 days.
Our school is in Israel and we need to order a lot of components from the US we are already losing a lot of valuable time. Imagine how cool it could be if we could just print the parts in our own lab!

This is the 10th year the robotics programs are working in our high school. Our school graduates are going to the high-tech industry, and to the fields of engineering and science. We would love to be able to open the world of 3D printing to our students.

We have the knowledge, the motivation and dozens of students waiting to learn 3D printing! This is why our school needs a 3D printer.

Here is some of the cool things our students make:

The 2015's robot of the FRC team (cad & actual robot):

Video of that robot:

The 2014's robot of the FRC team (cad & actual robot):

Video of that robot:

Anather robot from 2014 (cad & actual robot):

More works the students are making with solidworks this days:

One of the teams:

Facebook page of some of the robotics teams in our school: