Interlochen Arts Academy - Interlochen, Michigan

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Interlochen is a small school of approx. 500 students that is dedicated to the study of the arts. Last year, a small group of students went to a competition where they had to design and print various things within a given time limit that met certain criteria, and they won a few trophies for it. With this new interest peaked, we formed the very first tech club this year - we are TechArtists. TechArtists are devoted to connecting artistry with technology because we recognize that there is an artistic subtlety in all of technology. We want a 3D printer so that we can continue to explore these subtleties. The 3D printer will be the first large addition to the maker-space that we are trying to create, which would be available for all students to use, through the club (which would also maintain the printer). Already, we have people asking us to print mouth pieces for their lower-brass instruments and even things like dance shoes.
TechArtists are currently learning how to use various 3D modeling tools such as Blender, TinkerCad, and AutoCAD. Once we become proficient with these tools, we plan to create things that will help students and teachers around campus, along with entering as many competitions as we can so we can keep learning and keep our skills sharp.
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We are very excited for this opportunity. Thank you!