Does anyone know how to get a 3D Printer Donated to a school?

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I am a student at a school called the Field School. At our school we are all about learning in unique and innovative ways. I am a 3D printing lunatic. I stared the first ever 3D Printing club at my school, have worked for National Institute for Health (NIH) 3D print exchange, the US Navy, and have started my own 3D printing Buissness on 3D Hubs. I unfortunately can not continue my club this year because my school has said that unless we can get one donated it is not in the budget to do so. If there is no 3D Printer it is very difficult to get students Jazzed about 3D modeling because there is no end product. I was able to bring my 3D Printer in once which got them very excited about 3D printing, but this is hard to do for a couple of reasons:

  1. It is almost always in use.
  2. I take the metro to school everyday and because I am in Washington DC I got stopped by Anti-Terror cops asking me what I was carrying and had to get searched. (I rather not have to do that in order to teach kids about 3D printing)
  3. I do not want to have to leave the printer overnight to complete prints.

If you would like to learn more about our school here is the link for our website:

Any information anyone has I would be eternally grateful for,


Set up a Donor's Choose site... you can then select a printer from It will then be your responsibility to market your site, asking for donations. These donations can be small or large. In a lot of cases, a single donor will step up and fund it all.