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need ideas

by jbs

Hello, I am going to a nerf war and I want some ideas of accessories to make so that I can be really good.

ideas nerf nerf_accessories
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Caliburn build

by Iam-DX

Hello, I am looking into building a Caliburn. I am going to buy the hardware kit but will be printing it on my own. Any ideas on how to make it look cool, make it easier to swap springs and improve overall function? Thanks

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Battery box

by UserNameNotFound

Could anyone make a 135 X 28.5 X 44 Battery box? Doing an overhaul stryfe and im not good with any creating software

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group image

by jbs

Ii think the image of this group should be changed to the Nerf logo(down there V)
could ottojo change it?

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Atlas Stock


i was wondering if anyone here was good at designing 3d files, i think it would be cool for a stock to use on the rival atlas.

Side Note: it might be a good idea to use the rear sling point.

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