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Nerf Rayven

by JKTroja

Does any one have specs oon the nerf rayven main trigger and rev trigger? I am in a real pickle here. I managed to loose the real ones.

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Retaliator Shell

by s3551

Can someone make a retaliator shell? I've replaced all the internals on my old retaliator and now a have a box full of retaliator internals I will never use.

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Nerf Modulus “Regulator” magazine

by ATMmachine

Does anyone have a blueprint for a Modulus Regulator magazine with a larger capacity then 12 bullets?

nerf Nerf_Magazine nerf_modulus nerf_regulator
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Nerf Slingfire Upgrades

by notGoldy1403

Does anyone have any other upgrade parts for the Nerf Slingfire. I know its an old gun at this point but its still my favorite. I've attached one that i have made.

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Fully machined/anodized Viper FR-1?

by Ender3Guy

Hi all,

I have a strange (and let's be honest here - completely dumb) idea. I'd like to have two Vipers machined and anodized black except for the plates on the grips and the cylinder. This isn't a problem by itself as I'm well enough connected to get this done, but the more important questions here are

  1. How do I get this onto a plane?
  2. How do I convince game organizers to let me play with them?
    Any help given is appreciated.
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