Nerf Modulus “Regulator” magazine

nerf Nerf_Magazine nerf_modulus nerf_regulator

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Does anyone have a blueprint for a Modulus Regulator magazine with a larger capacity then 12 bullets?

3D printed magazines do not work very well. I would recommend either buying a official Nerf 18 round mag or a larger size(I recommend the 18 because it has a small form factor and good capacity). If you want a cheaper option but don’t mind waiting for shipping from China, go to Worker’s website at https://m.nfstrike.com/c/Worker-Original-_005?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9bes6Z3l5QIVgh-tBh02EQvbEAAYASAAEgJJLPD_BwE or you may be able to find them on amazon. Additionally, try your local thrift store. They may have some magazines for crazy cheap prices.

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