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Security question/process

by af340

Hi, some people told me they never print something when they are out of home, mainly for security reason, is it a global behavior? for the same reason?

It gives me an idea: In case of fire, with a standard smoke detector, a noise sensor is trigered, and your pi automatically switch off the printer power, and off course send me a text to warn you.(could also spray water if you have the associaed device..)

Good idea? it sucks? your feeling?


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I created an app to monitor multiple Octoprint instances

by michaeldeberry

I just published code for an application that allows for monitoring multiple Octoprint instances from a single website. Currently there is also support for the RepRapFirmware through it's Web API, and I have plans to add support for more connection options as well.

It's hard to gauge how useful this will be since it will only make sense to people that have multiple printers, but if anyone does have a need for something like this I would love some feedback.

You can find the files here

Instructions can be found here:

I pretty much just threw the instructions together just now, so please let me know if anything is unclear or just doesn't work.

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Octoprint 0.15.1 Cannot find octopi-wpa-supplicant.txt

by wilson05

Hi everyone, I wrote the latest image to my microsd and don't seem to have the octopi-wpa-supplicant.txt file. Does anyone know how to access it? On previous versions it was in the directory and I just edited it with notepad++. I'm also wondering if it wasn't included in the most recent update. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Octoprint Webcam Audio

by bmn666


is it possible to get audio in octopi?
through a buildin webcammic or an other?

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Octoprint and USB camera.

by kmarkopl

I have been looking all over internet, but was unable to find what I been looking for.
Thing is, I want to connect USB camera to my raspberry PI with Octoprint.
And I just cannot find proper tutorial how to do it.
All what I fund was partial information.

Any one can help me with that please .

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