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MultiCam Octoprint not working

by davehuber312

I'm vexed trying to add second USB camera to Octoprint

I've edited the post to make it readable. Sorry about that. The files are attached.

I viewed several Youtube tutorials, including Chris' Basement
and Teaching Tech:

Using the PDF guide, I copied files and modified according to PDF supplied by Teaching Tech.

I've done something wrong: I can view EITHER camera, if plugged in one at a time and rebooted, but never both. I cannot see any camera on port 8081. Port 8080 works as expected.

I suspect I did something dumb, like left something commented or botched an edit. I've been over it and over it and cannot get it.

Are you able to spot my mistake?

for reference, my cameras are a generic USB endoscope and Logitech webcam. Each work independently ok.

The Pi sees both cameras, I think. If I list devices:

pi@octopi:/root/bin $ v4l2-ctl --list-devices:
USB 2.0 PC Cam (usb-3f980000.usb-1.2):
UVC Camera (046d:0825) (usb-3f980000.usb-1.3):

I modified webcam2d: (Attached)

I also modified octopi-cam2.txt: (Attached)

Running webcam2d shows Video0 working, but Video1 returning errors (attached)

Nothing appears on port 8081

Thanks for your help


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History Plugin

by santanig5

What do you all use to track your print history? I used to use the History plugin, but it stopped working some time ago and is not currently supported.
I am looking for stats on completed prints.


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Extruder stops extruding early in print

by ToaKamate

OctoPrint 1.3.12 running on OctoPi 0.16.0

After numerous tests, I've isolated a strange problem to Octoprint. On some .gcode files, it stops the extruder but continues everything else to the completion of the print.

I know this is a problem with Octoprint because I can take the same exact .gcode file, copy it to a SD card, then run it on the same printer and it prints fine.

This does not happen on every .gcode file, but often enough to be a pain in the butt. It varies as to about which layer this happens, but it is usually early in the print. The carriage and hot end continue to move as though its printing, but the extruder stepper motor just stops.

I went into Octopi / Octoprint and uninstalled all unnecessary plugins but this still occurs? Some .gcode files (produced with CURA) work fine, others randomly have this issue. Again, if I copy the same exact .gcode file to an SD card and run on either of my Ender 3 printers, it works fine.

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Help! I lost my octoprint password!

by siefertma

I used to have my Octo-print account password saved on my laptop, but it's since mysteriously vanished and I can't access the client website. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Octoprint on Raspberry Pi 4 - how much RAM do I really need?

by registeredthing

UPDATE - I went with the Pi 4 2GB model.

Hi, I have been running Octopi on 3B+ boards for some time, with all but two of them running without a screen. I am setting up the 2nd Pi with a screen and took a look at the processor utilization when running TouchUI, and noticed that CPU can get up there when bouncing around though the menus,(edit - I was intentionally trying to run the processes up to test, by quickly bouncing through menus) and having a camera attached does not help. My primary concern is stability and I don't want to have to limit using the touchscreen during printing for fear of causing a slow down.

So I am considering moving to a Rpi 4, but wanted to see what folks thought about the memory options. I would probably go with the 2GB version since it is 10 bucks cheaper, but if there is a reason to use the 4GB version I could do that. I can't think of anything offhand that I may want to add in the future that could suck up extra memory, but I'm not very imaginative about these things either.

Right now, with what I have running (Logitech c525 1080 webcam, 5" USB/HDMI touchscreen) it seems even 1G would be OK (and not in swap) so I question that I need 4GB (but 2GB seems like good compromise).

I took a screencap of my Pi3B+ running with TouchUI with it displayinig the camera feed below.

Also, and related, Adafruit has the Rpi4's which are a good deal right now with their black friday coupon (ADATHANKS for 15% off) - but save one for me :D (once I decide on which one I need to get). Shipping there is about 5bucks but even so they beat Amazon after the coupon.

adafruit raspberry_pi_4
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