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Octoprint and USB camera.

by kmarkopl

I have been looking all over internet, but was unable to find what I been looking for.
Thing is, I want to connect USB camera to my raspberry PI with Octoprint.
And I just cannot find proper tutorial how to do it.
All what I fund was partial information.

Any one can help me with that please .

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which wifi routers are able to work with octoprint on pi3b/4's

by roplcosu

please comment wih which wifi routers are workngi with octporint on pi3b & 4's
I have an OLD tplink . TL-WR1043ND that does work but it is a bit slower than I want (and is about 15 years old),
I have tried the following routers without any success (all set to the SAME network name, password, channel, channel width,password security, security type, and wireless mode, BUT these have not worked with pi's, BUT did work with laptops, phones and tablets
linksys ea9200
linksys ea6350
tplink ac1350

please let us know which wifi routers work for you

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MultiCam Plugin not working

by Silasclough

I recently tried to configure multicam and have the regular url for the first camera:/webcam/?action=stream
For the second, my URL is:http://192.86.33:8081/ Is this correct? The first cameraa works like normal, but the second button does nothing at all. if you flip the orientation of the second camera that doesn't work, it shows you the first camera upside down. on cura in the monitor page, it works(worked) there. Anything helps!

3D_printing camera Help Octoprint Octoprint_webcam rpi
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by electronron

I recently installed OctoScreen and in my opinion it's much easier to use than Touch UI and since it doesn't use a browser it's much more responsive.
Before someone comments about it, I tried to install OctoDash but I couldn't get it to work.
I thought I would post this if anyone is interested in trying it out.

I'm using a Kuman 3.5 inch TFT display that uses the GPIO (just happens to be the same model used by the author) and I followed the steps outlined in the OctoScreen Wiki.
In Step 4 of the Wiki use the latest version found here...

When finished installing log into your OctoPrint and install the Plug-in by selecting Get More in the plug-in manager and entering the following in the URL box.

If this plug-in is not installed OctoScreen will still work but the pre-heat settings can't be changed, but with the plug-in installed OctoScreen will use the settings you have setup in OctoPrint also if you have custom controls set up it they will be accessible through OctoScreen although there does seem to be a limit on how many it will display.

I only had one issue and that was that OctoScreen would restart about every 10 seconds I did the following and it fixed the issue.
SSH into the Pi.
$ sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-0 xserver-xorg xinit x11-xserver-utils
Now reboot... ...and SSH back in.
$ sudo apt-get install git build-essential xorg-dev xutils-dev x11proto-dri2-dev
Reboot one last time

Apparently something in X11 didn't install properly the first time.

I hope this helps anyone interested in trying this program out.

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Polar cloud plugin not installing

by SnekBoi

About a month ago I setup octoprint on my raspberry pi and have used it since and it’s been a game changer. The bad thing is I can’t monitor prints away from home. I figured the polar cloud plug-in would help but now it won’t install. I’ve tried using URL and the plugin repository. It gives me the done message after I’ve attempted to install and even after the restart it won’t show up in my plugin list. Any solutions?

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