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Octoprint-Smart-Filament-Sensor and BIGTREETECH Sensor

by ToaKamate

Has anyone used the BigTreeTech Smart Filament Sensor and the Octoprint-Smart-Filament-Sensor plugin? If so, I could use some help. I followed the instructions for wiring from another site and burned out 2 brand new sensors because the diagram was opposite (+ -) from the new sensors. And I would like to know what settings you used in the plug-in.

bigtreetech Filament_Sensor
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Google Home with Octoprint

by dtylerb

For quite awhile now I've been using the Octovox plugin for Octoprint to get 3D printer status using my Google Home. Recently it seems that, for whatever reason, the "My 3d Print Server" action is missing from assistant.google.com rendering the plugin useless (at least for google home, it may still work for Alexa, but I don't own one).

Does anyone know an alternative means of accomplishing this?

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which wifi routers are able to work with octoprint on pi3b/4's

by roplcosu

please comment wih which wifi routers are workngi with octporint on pi3b & 4's
I have an OLD tplink . TL-WR1043ND that does work but it is a bit slower than I want (and is about 15 years old),
I have tried the following routers without any success (all set to the SAME network name, password, channel, channel width,password security, security type, and wireless mode, BUT these have not worked with pi's, BUT did work with laptops, phones and tablets
linksys ea9200
linksys ea6350
tplink ac1350

please let us know which wifi routers work for you

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Timelaps not working consistantly

by santanig5

Anyone else having an issue with Timelaps?
I'm running OctoPrint 1.4.2 Python 2.7.13 OctoPi 0.15.1 currently, but noticed some time ago that my timelaps was not saving consistently, it seems to work on shorter prints, but the longer ones are just lost.
Any ideas?

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Polar cloud plugin not installing

by SnekBoi

About a month ago I setup octoprint on my raspberry pi and have used it since and it’s been a game changer. The bad thing is I can’t monitor prints away from home. I figured the polar cloud plug-in would help but now it won’t install. I’ve tried using URL and the plugin repository. It gives me the done message after I’ve attempted to install and even after the restart it won’t show up in my plugin list. Any solutions?

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