Octoprint and USB camera.

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I have been looking all over internet, but was unable to find what I been looking for.
Thing is, I want to connect USB camera to my raspberry PI with Octoprint.
And I just cannot find proper tutorial how to do it.
All what I fund was partial information.

Any one can help me with that please .

Joe Mike Terranella has a very good serie on using octoprint. One video is about the use of webcams:

Good luck!

Yes I know him, be but he just talking about stuff witch is already known to me.
All I want to know how, easy configure USB camera to work with my Octoprint.
The information about that is all over forums, and everyone have different ideas and ways
I just want to know simple fast way, no unnecessary gibberish stuff .

There is no proper guide step by step how to do it, just like for example installing octoprint on Raspberry PI

I managed to get my usb webcam (logitech c270) working with his step by step instructions. You should really try it.

I just grab the PS3 camera that I wasn't using and plugged it. Didn't even have to set anything up worked plug and play.

Tthis may help:

Are you using octopi? I don't recall the name of the file that contains the configuration off hand, it may just be named config, but it should be in the boot directory. I will be back at my computer shortly, I will update this post with the file name if no one else post it before then.

If you aren't using octopi then you have to install mjpeg-streamer and setup a startup script. If this is needed I can provide more details, but it might be a little complicated if you aren't familiar with compiling source or setting up startup scripts.

EDIT: The camera settings are found in the octopi.txt file in the boot directory. The setting is called camera_usb_options. If your camera is on the page linked above you would replace the existing config with what's on the page.

Yes, am using octopi-jessie-lite-0.14.0

For one camera, just plug in the camera, reboot and check the control tab on the main screen. You should see your camera there. If it is not shown, you will need to input the IP address under Settings-> Webcam and Timelapse

To verify your camera is working directly, check


Replace IPADDRESSHERE with the IP address of your octoprint. You may need to paste these into the settings->webcam and timelapse.

Let me know if you are still stuck

I did that, and not working, all it says : Webcam stream Loading...
There seems to some thing happening, when I disconnect the webcam from USB.

What camera are you using? I'm using a Logitec not sure if all cameras are created equal.

Also, if you are cli handy you can run top from the command line and verify mjpg-streamer is running.. Mine cranks at about 2 percent cpu utilization.

I have this webcam :

I was hopping for simple solution, but that seems to be beyond me.

Not sure if you managed to sort your web cam problem but Octoprint has a list of known web cams that work maybe you have a one that's not compatible? here's the link Hope this helps

Yes I know that .
But that does not solve my problem.
There is no proper guide how to setup the cameras, all just superficial.
I have seen people been using same camera as I do, but I don't have any luck to get it work.

Not sure if you ever managed to get yours working but I had terrible problems setting up my camera with Octoprint. In the end it turned out to be a defective ribbon cable on the camera - i replaced it and the camera worked straight away.