which wifi routers are able to work with octoprint on pi3b/4's

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please comment wih which wifi routers are workngi with octporint on pi3b & 4's
I have an OLD tplink . TL-WR1043ND that does work but it is a bit slower than I want (and is about 15 years old),
I have tried the following routers without any success (all set to the SAME network name, password, channel, channel width,password security, security type, and wireless mode, BUT these have not worked with pi's, BUT did work with laptops, phones and tablets
linksys ea9200
linksys ea6350
tplink ac1350

please let us know which wifi routers work for you

I have found a workaround ie MAKE SURE that the first char in the SSID name is LOWER CASE and not upper case

if you cannot get your pi to connect try moving the wifi ssid password configuration lines in your WPA supplicant towards the top. This solved my problem of not being able to connect to my asus router.