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Adding Textures

by Hardlec

I have many ideas for openlock. Most involve adding different textures to the basic panel set.
There is no point to re-inventing the wheel.
How do people add textures to tiles?

(I have tinkercad and Sulptris)

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Step 1: Compile all of the Things!

by Malkom1366

I know it's a hassle because the "Post a Thing" interface on Thingiverse isn't optimized to add whole batches of your designs at once, but for everyone who has joined and has the time, could you start by contributing the OpenLock designs you've made to the group Thing repository? That will help everyone see what has already been designed and if people want to tackle a design that hasn't been done yet it should be a lot easier.

Personally, I am going to be seeking permission from ProfessorChubbs to mod these elevated boat pieces to be OpenLock compatible:

28mm miniature Boat Tiles PART 2: Raised Decks
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