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by atartanian

OpenSCAD is an open source programming language and IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for parametric 3D design. It is used to create precise, customizable and easily modifiable designs ready for 3D printing. It has a growing developer community and is the tool used to create designs compatible with the MakerBot Customizer app: http://www.thingiverse.com/apps/customizer

You can download OpenSCAD from www.openscad.org/downloads.html

This group is a place to discuss all things OpenSCAD including (but not limited to) new features, techniques, questions, libraries, works in progress, etc. So post a new Topic or contribute on an existing one!

Share knowledge, get constructive feedback, and ask questions!

Join to add your OpenSCAD designs or libraries to this group's Things. Non-OpenSCAD designs will be removed.

Have fun!

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Customizer Update

by tbuser

Customizer now runs the new version of OpenSCAD 2015.03

Also, all the google fonts from http://www.google.com/fonts have been added to the servers and can be used in text() :)

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Is there a scad file for hollow letters/signs?

by MaxMuske


is there a nice scad file to create hollow letters / signs with a customizable wall thickness, so I can can use it as base for other designs (i.E. boxes)

Thank you.

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June 2020 Thingiverse Customizer Weirdness

by Bikecyclist

Hi everyone,

I've had this customizable thing up and working fine for quite a while:


Now I've made some minor improvements, and customizer doesn't handle these at all, apparently handling a "difference" like an "intersection". In the current local OpenSCAD version, the same parameters work just fine.

Here's the improved version ... change "grip cutoff angle" to 20 degrees, and you should (but currently won't) get the same result as with the old, working version linked above:


Any information on the problem, hints, workarounds, or pointers to any mistakes I might have made would be welcome! :-)

Parametric Kitchen Knife Sheath (Improved Remix)
Parametric Kitchen Knife Sheath (Improved Remix)
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Cannot access all of customizer

by gmarshall1227

Im new to 3d printing. Im having difficulty accessing the entire customizer page. I can change thje dimensions of the object but when I try to create the object the object i cannot see the Name line or anything underneath it. I had trouble with using Thingiverse with EDGE ans switch to Chrome. Im suse the problem is in a setting but i cant figure it out.

Thank you!

customizer Help
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