OpenScad ISO STEEL customizer

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This is a library I have made and use to draw construction steel. Only Australian metric and not complete as yet.
The main directory(EngCAD) needs to be placed in your library folder //user/documents/openscad/library/.
To call it in openscad to use you must use
use <ENGCAD/ENGCAD.scad> (DO NOT USE include <ENGCAD/ENGCAD.scad>)
In the folder there is a file called steel.txt which lists all the current steel profiles.
Exampe of use is :- PFC180 (200); //this will generate a 200mm long PFC180 channel.
Examples are included in the engcad.scad file.
If anyone wants to add to the steel list(or Aluminium/Brass etc) please contact me and i will let you know how to add and update the files.
One thing I have done on occasion is build in full scale then scale down to 3d print a 1/10(or whatever) size replica. gives very good detail.