pathbuilder for openSCAD

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I just uploaded a 2D pathbuilder for openSCAD to github. https://github.com/dinther/pathbuilder

It allows you to define 2D shapes using a syntax similar to the SVG path syntax. It also does fillets and chamfers. Once you got your 2D shape you can extrude and do what any other shape can do. The commands are single letter commands like in SVG path where lower-case takes relative coordinates and upper-case takes absolute coordinates.

The image shows an example that is produced with this line of code...

linear_extrude(5) s(0,0, 32) f(2) h(20) c(8) v(10) r(10, 10, 10) h(10) f(2) v(-10) f(2) l(35,20) f(2) L(40,46) f(2)v(-10) h(-10) R(0,10,-30) draw();

thank you for letting us know. i am following your project on github

It looks very interesting. Could I suggest that you spell out the elements of the example line to produce the arrow shape, for those of us not familiar with the gubbins of the .svg format.
Something like
s(0,0, 32) - this does blah (I can guess it starts at 0,0, but not sure how the 32 on its own constitutes an X,Y coordinate)
f(2) - this does blip
h(20) - does bloop
c(8) this does blurp

Or, put in a link to what you think is a good reference on SVG.

The documentation you want is on the github page linked above. Go to https://github.com/dinther/pathbuilder and scroll down a bit.

Nice work dinther

:-) thanks. I am sure there are some loose ends but they shake out.