Can someone explain that to me?

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Here is a thing but there is no fiel :( so can someone explain the procedure to make this by my own?

Yhank you

Customizable Signet Ring

The trouble is that i got a 404 error when i try to download
If someone have another poit to download from it could be useful!


I'm not sure what is wrong. I tried downloading the files and got a web 404 error. I think there may be something wrong with Thingiverse. You might reach out to savagerodent and see if he can send you the .scad files directly.

I tried downloading some of my own files and that worked OK.

So far as I'm aware, it is only the "Download All Files" button that isn't working.
The files can be downloaded individually without issue.

You need to put the STL of the blank signet ring, the SCAD file and the PNG file into the same folder, then run the SCAD file through OpenSCAD (after adjusting the necessary parameters, which can be done through OpenSCAD's built-in customizer if you're not familiar with editing source code).