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A place to post requests of all the stuff you'd like to see printable models of

Please make an ARC trooper armor that can be worn.

Continued Greeblies...my quest of Vader Reveal parts seems never-ending. I was so happy to see the MM's and Vader share some bits here and there!

Sword of Temenos from TRANSFORMERS Age of Extinction

I'd like to see some SWG mando gauntlets. I love the other two you've made!

hans blastech Dl-44!!

Ezio's hidden blade from AC

do you have any reference photos?

if you google ezios hidden blade you will find photos and good one is http://i.imgur.com/8IJXP.jpg or http://i.imgur.com/8IJXP.jpg

The first request has been for a DL-44 from ESB I get asked to do this one all the time just havent had the time.