Hadron printer not working

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hi there, i bought a Hadron 3d printer about 3months ago. haven't printer a thing yet. at first i couldn't get it to work with any programs. then i came home one day and the power was off. when i turned it back on i tried to use the printer but the power supply wouldn't work. i got a new power supply but the board won't light up. so i got a new board. when i hook up the new board to the new power supply neither come on, but when i hook up the old board the power supply comes on but the board won't. now i have 2 boards and 2 power supply but none work. VERY FRUSTRATED.

hey all...after many tries to get this going i'm giving up. i just bought a creality cr 10s and it works great. so i'm selling the hadron. it never moved i only got the extruder to heat up once. it comes with an extra board, an Azteeg X3 v2. i paid $705US for it, $1015CA. i'm asking $800CA for it. i'l cut a little loss on it.

Ord bots are a great platform and as an owner of three Hadron Ord Bots (https://www.thingiverse.com/make:388287) I mean no ill will with this suggestions but I think you should sell what you have and place an order with Joseph Prusa. Make sure you get one from him and not a clone. They work and work well without any fiddling about. When people ask me about 3D and what to get I always tell them to buy a Prusa. I love my Ord Bot but Non tinkerers that want a frustration free experience should buy a Prusa.


The Quantum ORD Bot
by Looper

Hi Looper

I can partially agree with what you say about buying something like the Prusa but it depends on what you want to print. As the Prusa without modifications cannot print what I print it is mechanically not possible. if you want to print 99% of the things on Thingyverse then it OK, but if you want to print most of my models then the Prusa is a bad choice.
As for someone to learn about how the printers actually work then playing with a hadron is good for them.
Any body buying a printer like most things need to know what they intend to do with it, That' why I bought a Hadron, so I could set it up do do what I wanted to do, and it has been doing it for almost 4 years now. But unfortunately I have gone past what even it could do so Now I use either my SLA or DLP printer for the fine detail I am now demanding the printers to be able to produce.

I do not wish to derail this thread because it is about helping someone get their printer working. Most "hobbyist" do not have the extra cash to drop on an SLA/DLP printer. My recommendation about prusa is to stop the hemorrhaging of cash and parts to fix something when in the long run the prusa would be cheaper and easier to use.

Wow, where to begin.

Power Supply - With a multimeter you should be able to confirm you are getting 12v from the outputs. There is a potentiometer (dial) near the edge to adjust the output voltage. Make sure your line voltage selector switch is set properly 110/220. Not much more to add here they work or they don't.

Arduino - https://www.arduino.cc Can you communicate with it via the Arduino IDE software and a USB cable? I have had issues with USB cables so you may want to try and swap that out. The baud rate can also be an issue when communicating to the Arduino. If you can get that to work in the Arduino IDE then that part is probably ok. We really don't want to mess with firmware at this point but I have had good luck with Marlin, http://marlinfw.org (warning firmware is an advanced topic)

RAMPS - http://reprap.org/wiki/Arduino_Mega_Pololu_Shield#Troubleshooting I have moved over to MiniRAMBO board, http://reprap.org/wiki/MiniRambo, that have the Arduino and RAMPS built into one board so I may not be able to help too much here. I also use a RasberryPI with Octoprint, https://octoprint.org, to power my Arduino and feed the Gcode to the firmware in place of a PC but the power from the USB cable should power on the Arduino without the power supply from the RAMPS.Your power issue may be an issue with the RAMPS feeding, or not feeding, power to the Arduino board.

Hotend and Extruder
Your extruder hotend does not look great. I had a QUBD Extruder, I bought two, and they were junk. Your setup looks very much like a QUBD version. I have excellent luck with JHeads hotends from http://www.hotends.com. If you go this route I would buy from Brian Reifsnyder at hotends.com as the china clones have a hit or miss reputation. I used this setup on my printer for over 3 years, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:59855. I would print these parts for you and mail them to you if you want them, hard to print parts when your printer is not working... I have since moved all my printers over to E3D V6 hotends with E3D Titan extruders.

OR... you can sell it for parts then place an order for a Prusa and start printing. http://www.buildlog.net has a forum for OrdBots and I'm sure someone there would be happy to buy it.

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by Looper

The hadron is normally sold as a mechanical platform only and you add your own electronics, so do you have information about what electronics have been supplied with your machine, and any other information, a link to where you bought it so we may find out what may be your problem as your information you have supplied does not tell us anything, photos etc

the printer comes complete with Azteeg X3 v2 board (i have an extra) and regular power supply. i have the packing slip but i couldn't find the receipt but i can give you the name of where to get a copy. I had

ftdichip drivers
i am very new to 3d printing and do not have the experience to work on it. as i stated above i bought a Creality CR sand it worked right out of the box. just had to make a few changes and away it went. the hadron came fully assembled and i will ship it the same way.

hey Tony, i got it from Nalan Engine, www.nalanengine.com. looked like a good printer, but. i hope the pics help.

i tried the following programs before it stopped working.

ftdichip drivers
didn't even get to print anything yet.


Just trying to help. maybe you can get some tech support from nalanegine.

Hi Joe
Regarding the extruder/hot-end on your printer well it does not look that good, as the cooling is to far away from the heat break, which will give problems. did you buy this as new or secondhand. I made a mistake in my original comment about this.
Also there seems to be a large gap between the start of the extruder and the start of the top of the tube for the filament to pass
I will help you in whatever way I can to get your printer up and working correctly.

Hi Joe
as I said the hadron comes as a bare mechanical frame He has put his own extruder and electronics, the controller board I am not sure what it is, currently his web site is not available so i cannot see the specs.
My machine I fitted a ramps Arduino set-up which is what I have on both my printers and is the most popular set-up. Not knowing what the board is I cannot advise on that part as until you get your computer to recognise the board it is hard to know.
what operating system are you using, if you are using windows you may try downloading and installing the Arduino IDE as this has drivers that you install that will generally let you talk to the Arduino, As I am assuming it is an Arduino board looking at the large chip on the PCB.

Try that first and let me know what happens, until your computer sees the printer you will not be able to print unless you can load the file on to an sd card but looks like you do not have a display on the printer.

If you can afford it I would recommend changing over to the ramps Arduino set-up.

The mechanicals of this printer are excellent I have mine set-up with a Wades extruder and a 0.2mm nozzle I use it for fine work.

Hi Joe
you mention you have another printer what is the other printer and what electronics does that have, and have you had that one working as it should. As we may be able to use that as a reference to b able to sort out your Hadron.


hey Tony....some how i got the printer to work, don't know how tho....but now i get an error ...max temp...on the thermister i think it is...I've tried several programs and they all say the same thing. ugh

Hi Joe
sounds as though the thermistor is either broken or not connected, do you have a heated bed, you could change the thermistor plugs over. or plug the thermistor on your spare extruder in and see if that makes it go away.
I'm sitting at my computer so I can get straight back to you


before we continue, thanks for all your help.

everything is wired up so if you have to move or replace something you have to cut wires...grrr

That is a real pain. I have all plugs and sockets on mine I bought these
This is on Ebay Australia where I live but you can get them on any of the sites.
Makes it so much easier to change things

Hi Joe
Well you have all the bits you need in that lot
photo 1513120648219541619059.jpg is a good extruder set up just can't see what the actual nozzle is.
photo 20171212_190920_010.jpg is the display you need to use.
photo 20171212_191008.jpg is the ramps Arduino set up that you need to use.

So you have all the parts you need to get the hadron working without buying anything else, except as I said not sure about the nozzle on the end of the hotend.
to start of with I would leave the extruder setup and just get the electronics sorted out first buy getting the Arduino ide to talk to the basic arduino and gradually build up from there.