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I'm just wondering if anyone knows the size of the v-wheels on the Ord Bot? I know the size of the bearings, I would like to buy some v-wheel pulleys that are metal instead of plastic?

Thank you, hopefully it's the same size that I have.

Welcome! But I had a question, are you planning to replace the original v-wheels in your printer?
Because apparently seems not a good idea...
I found a negative advice made by an expert of the same site:
"... the Delrin version is functionally the better of the two as the wheels roll quieter and cause less wear on the track than the metal dual V-wheels. The metal wheels are actually chrome steel and with a lot of use can potentially wear down the aluminum rail causing looseness in the system."

I was thinking the same thing, maybe it's not a good idea. Yes, I was thinking about replacing all of them.