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True "Prusa Orange" PLA

by Cornbinderkid

Does anyone know where to buy the true Prusa orange PLA, other than the Prusa website? i want to print some mods in the correct color but cant find anything that is spot on, some are close but most are not quite the right color. Any suggestions? I'm assuming that its PLA, my printer is still in shipping so I'm not 100% on that...

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not good quality on the printer

by mardejong

you can see some lines on the print i dont know how to fix it plez help i use sli3r and normal 0.1 settings THANKS

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New to 3D printing, some advise/ opinions needed

by Iwannatt

Hello, I'm new to this scene but have been interested for a long time. I actually purchased a Maker select v3 a week ago and have been having fun with it. I've been thinking about returning (bought from amazon) and purchasing a genuine prusa i3.
I was just wondering if you guys thought that would be a good decision, basically from a performance perspective is the genuine prusa going to print better, faster? Or is it just more user friendly? Just trying to figure out if I should print some braces for the maker select or just go for the real deal prusa i3.
Thanks, sorry for asking such a basic question.
But figured you would know best.

UPDATE: thanks to all your help, I ordered the prusa i3 mk2s. I want to thank everyone for taking the time to post your opinions! Much appreciated

The day after I ordered the prusa my 10 day old makerselect stopped feeding filament.

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Inconsistent Z?

by npwelder

So, I'm new to 3d printing, and recently got a Prusa MK2, the kit, which was working good for awhile. However, I went to print something, and the printer head was so low to the bed it was almost making a dragging sound, and pancaking the filament onto the bed. I stopped it, checked the settings, re calibrated, and then tried again with the same live z settings as before. It was working fine for the first layer or two, and then the filament wasn't sticking, like the nozzle was too high. I lowered the live z settings to -957 and was able to get a good result for the first couple layers of the print. I let it print for awhile, and when I came back there was a half finished part and a rat's nest of loose plastic strands all over the printer. I measured the part with a caliper and there's some variance to the size, as though it stopped connecting at certain points before it was printing into empty space. I checked the Pinda probe, and its secure. Does anybody have any idea as to what is causing this? It seems as though the Z is varying, though I cannot say for sure. I tried changing the filament to see if that was the problem, but its stuck in the nozzle. (I ordered a tool to help clean it). I would really appreciate any advice.

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Fan and Temp Controller

by Athruz

Someone asked what controller I used for my LACK Prusa enclosure to control the temps and fans, well this is what I used. Nice little controller, I run my cooling fans and exhaust fan with the controller set to a 95 degree maintain temp for printing ABS.....


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