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Tips for PETG on Multi Material setup?

by junglegymninja

I used to have PETG down tight on that first layer on no tool changes. But I also ran my own start up wipe script at a set speed etc... The automatic start script with the multi material, I'm having some issues with. I'm using eSun PETG... I'm getting better results now at about 245C 70C starting layer.... but I still have to get down tight between the bed and extruder and hurriedly clear it off before it rushes off to do the wipe tower. Even if I lower the speed in the Slic3r settings for first layer it doesn't affect the custom wipe script for the front and the first layer for the wipe tower. So I watch it with great anticipation to know if I have to start over... I was using PLA+ and had no issues, since it is easier to dial in. Anyone using eSun PETG and having really nice first layer runs?

CUSTOM_GCODE ESUN_PETG first_layer prusa_multimaterial
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SO much stringing on my mk2

by MasonStewart

So recently I have been getting an issue wher every single thing is stringy. I’ve used AIO Robotics pla, Proto Pasta glitter flake pla, Prusa pla, and Makergeeks pla. Same results. It’s not really bad stringing, but fine hairs between the parts. I dont know if it is the filament, slicer, or printer, but it happens with filament I know printed fine with the same settings and same Gcode so I am guessing it is the machine. I’m printing at 205C with 0.8mm retraction and 60mm/s retraction speed. 240mm/s travel speed, no z hop, and 25% of retraction before wipe in slic3r prusa edition. Does anyone have ideas of what on the printer could be causing it or someone with simplify3d could send me Gcode to test if it is the slicer? Maybe my settings are wrong. Thanks for the help!!!

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Selling 2 x mk2

by FilaFlip

Hey guys am selling 2 mk2's
They have around 30 days of printing time each
They have Noctua fans upgrade
They work perfect
Price per unit 600$ with free shipping
They are assembled and if You buy bought they will be sent separately
Paypal accepted

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AliExpress Nema17 stepper motors on Prusa = Bad idea :(

by Linuxglobal

Just a heads up for people looking into aftermarket prusa mk2 steppers for replacement or upgrade. They look the same, same wiring, etc but the Z axis really show their weakness.

Stay away from the off brands. I got a replacement set on the way from Prusa direct (from chat convo).

I got mine refunded, but they were super weak torque wise.

Anyone have similar experiences ?

mk2 nema17 Prusa, stepper
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Noctua fan upgrade

by Paddes


i plan to upgrade my printer with a noctua fan.
I only see upgrades with the 40x40x10mm fan, nearly noone uses the 40x40x20mm fan.
According to the manufacturers website, the 20mm fan should blow more air while being more silent,
so i wonder why noone uses it...

On Prusas website, the default fan is labeled as 12V fan,
so is it driven by 5V or by 12v? Which of the available fans should i order?

Im happy about your comments on this.

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