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Original Prusa i3 MK2 - Unboxing and Calibrating 3D Printer

by MaxFunkner

In our YouTube video below, we are showing the unboxing, set up and our first print with Original Prusa i3 MK2. On the first day, we tested two G-code files that came with the manufacturer’s SD card. Then SD Card Holder we sliced with Simplify3D that has Original Prusa i3 MK2 default setting.

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Upgrade to MK2.5S

by MaxFunkner

MK2 upgrade to MK2.5S

Here is a complete blog and a lot of images:

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AliExpress Nema17 stepper motors on Prusa = Bad idea :(

by Linuxglobal

Just a heads up for people looking into aftermarket prusa mk2 steppers for replacement or upgrade. They look the same, same wiring, etc but the Z axis really show their weakness.

Stay away from the off brands. I got a replacement set on the way from Prusa direct (from chat convo).

I got mine refunded, but they were super weak torque wise.

Anyone have similar experiences ?

mk2 nema17 Prusa, stepper
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Selftest Error MK2s MMU

by Rimbalin


i get a selftest error on the hotend Fan.

When printing the fan works fine, but i cant get pass this first test.

Checked all plugs and connected even a new fan - no change...:(((

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The Prusa MK2s MMU & Slic3r kill me...

by Rimbalin

When i´m using the MK2s MMU & Slic3r the printing takes twice (3:00hrs) as long as if i use it with Simplify3D (1:30hrs).
Same settings & objects in Single Mode...
Anyone has a tip for me what i´m overseeing ?

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