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Prusa i3 MK3S XYZ Cal Failure

by ProAssasin549

So there is 2 problem here, 1: the Z Cal isn't moving up or just a few centimeters upwards. 2: the search of the PINDA point is not successful. There is no help for it in the handbook.

Posted a video about it down below

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Help me get the prusa i3 mk3 :-)

by Metroknight

So I'm trying to win a contest on MyMiniFactory but it depends on how many likes I get. If you help me win, I can get a new 3d printer. I'm trying to get the prusa i3 mk3.
https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-cat-pumpkin-collection-78145 If you don't already have an account (which you should :) ) then it's just as easy as it was for thingiverse
Thank You :D

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Should I buy?

by Metroknight

Hi, I'm looking at the Prusa i3 mk3. It is going to be super important for me to have the power recovery system, so how well does it really work?

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finding that Prusa Control keeps crashing

by nerdshack

Hi all... is anyone finding that Prusa Control keeps crashing - and is anyone running Cura or are we all simply running Slic3r and Prusa Control ?
Im hoping to run it from a spare desktop PC rather then having to gcode everything I want to print to an sdcard.. cheers Tony.

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Arducam Wide Angle mount?

by nicw

Has anyone found a good model for the Arducam wide angle camera? I'm looking for one that mounts to frame or carriage, not a standalone stand. I saw a couple out there, but looking for someone who has experience.


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