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bed leveling

by ExSerCo

It looks like my bed is not completely level after mesh leveling.
Also, I need to say, that my printer profile on S3D is not perfect yet.
So I need to start somewhere.

I decided to make my own test and I'm hoping that some people want to help me thinker about it.

How I set it up, 1st idea:

1/ Since we can adjust the bed level on 4 sides, I think it is best to try find a good centerpoint setting. So I will design 4 small cirkels in the center and try to perfect the result.
2/ When point 1 gives me a decent result, I will make a new stl that has an extra 9 circles on the edges. When having a print, I can examine that quality and try starting with the bed level correct to adjust the levels on the 4 sides.

Everybodys input is appreciated!

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Replacement part cooling fan

by Caster

Does anyone know where the part cooling fan be bought from other than Prusa as the shipping cost is more than 4 times the cost of the part?
Plenty of 5v 2 wire ones out there but i am unable to find a 3 wire one.

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Petg borders warping

by Roichu

Hello there! I’m printing on petg for the first time and i’m having some troubles. The ends of every single lime of filament of the first layer is warping, so I can not print supports over them. I have checked z offset, applied some glue stick over the pei, reduced the print speed, etc... but this keeps happening.
The gcode was generated on the latest version of slic3r pe, with the generic petg settings, and my mk3 is running the latest firmware. Here are some pictures of the latest failed print:

Original_Prusa_i3_MK3 PETG warping
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Knob direction

by ironjoe13

Is there any specific reason that the knob direction is totally opposite of the MK2S? This is really bugging me when switching between printers.

mk3 prusa_i3
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Jumbo Prusa i3 Spool holder

by ScottyMakesStuff

Lately I've been printing 3kg spools and I've made some jumbo spool holders for each of my printers... here's the Prusa i3 version that works on all i3's from my Mk3 down to the Mk1. You can use a 3/4in or 20mm diameter PVC pipe for the spindle or else print the spindle in the thing files.

This is nice and solid and holds up to a 5kg spool.


Jumbo Prusa i3 Spool holder
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