Printing and assembling track and parts

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This thread is about track and accessories.

Great project! I'm saving for a new 3d printer ( last one got taken by hurricane Harvey :( ) and I plan to build a layout complete with scenery using all 3d printed components. I have some moderate modeling skills and I will contribute as I get things going. Do you know if any of the SCARM track libraries are compatable with your printed tracks? does r300 in the curve name refer to 300mm? Thanks in advance!

Hi, Thanks! and sad to hear what happened to your printer! I honestly have no idea what SCARM is, never heard of it. If there is something you should look for, it's O-scale (32mm track width). But I haven't made the track radius in accordance with any commercial system, rather adapted it to the print bed. And for the radius, yes, it's the radius to the center of the track.