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Otto DIY+

by cparrapa

Otto DIY+ (PLUS) (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2398231) is the improved and advanced version of original Otto DIY ("Otto DIY with steroids"), have the same base features DIY robot + Bluetooth control + graphical programming + Android APP (already Beta)+ metal gear servo motors + rechargeable batteries + modes activation + sensors + light moods + other outputs +...?
more info here: https://www.hackster.io/ottoplus/otto-diy-33406c and files here https://github.com/OttoDIY/PLUS
The exciting part is that we are doing open development with everyone around the world, not only with experts, makers and hackers; you can join us with feedback, comments in social network, testing or any other contribution that you might think of.

Just post some comments and ideas.

Otto DIY+ Arduino Bluetooth robot easy to 3Dprint
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Otto PCB

by cparrapa

Many Otto builders want a dedicated PCB for Otto let's do it then!

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3D printing

by cparrapa

Feel free to ask for help about the 3d printing of Otto DIY http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1568652

Otto DIY build your own robot
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Where to learn basic coding for Otto


I am a high school librarian with a 3D printer - I am printing Otto, and I'll be purchasing a basic DIY kit tonight. I have ZERO knowledge of coding, but I'd like to learn a bit to make him move. I've watched some YouTube videos, but they don't seem applicable to what I would need to know. Can you refer me to somewhere that I can begin learning? Thanks. :)

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MaxMatrix mirrored

by dose13

Hi, I am currently working on the Otto quad (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3418147/files) and facing a mirrored display on the 7219 Led Matrix.
I read some comments that MaxMatrix.cpp library needs to be changed. I found a comment in the Ottoś builder group on Facebook by Manuel Capinha that solved it for me:

void MaxMatrix::writeFull(unsigned long value) {
for (int r=0; r<5;r++){
for (int c=1; c<7; c++){
setDot(c,r,(1L & (value >> r*6+c-1)));

by s4snow
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