OTTO PLUS assistance

by mnrk

I have wired and verified all the extras are working (LED Matrix, touch sensor(single one connected to D6), MAX4466 mic). I don't have the bluetooth or the RGB led connected.
I commented out the RGB code in the OTTO Plus v3 code on github. I also disconnected the servos so it wouldn't move around on me while I test it out.
Things seem to be working, but the code seems to hang up after the code is running for a very short while. I know this because the ledmatrix gets stuck at on a mouth display and the touch sensor isn't able to change the mode.
Has anyone experienced this? Where or what should I be looking into to resolve the issue.
At one point, I modified the v3 code so the interrupt was not in the code and I was able to cycle through the modes by touching the touch sensor, but it seems others have theirs working and I shouldn't need to hack the code so much to get it to work.

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no connection with Otto?

by Sunny1973

I have no programming skills. And I would like to make a otto. But now I have a problem with connecting my phone to the bt module.
I have configured the hc06 bt module (ssid I see is zowi) I can connect to the module. And when I open the otto app (version 121) It says that it is connected. But I can not do any thing. I only have the ledmatrix connected for testing. I am using the OttoDIYAPP_121.ino software. And my bt module is connected to d6 and d7 (checked wires couple of times.
Can some one point me in the right direction.
Thanks in advance
Greetings Marcel

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The most basic of starting problems.

by MrGadgey

Hi, I have an otto fully assembled. I've done all the basic projects with IDE led's servos LCD etc.

I cannot find how to get past this "load the libraries" which is pretty basic in it's instruction and I'm feeling pretty stupid lol.
I've been the the github repo.. I can't download by right clicking the library files, -it results in a web page download, and I can't copy and paste the code and name the file the same, I get IDE errors. Such as Oscillate library how do I get it please? It's driving me nuts lol.

Many thanks in advance.

arduino library
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Where to learn basic coding for Otto


I am a high school librarian with a 3D printer - I am printing Otto, and I'll be purchasing a basic DIY kit tonight. I have ZERO knowledge of coding, but I'd like to learn a bit to make him move. I've watched some YouTube videos, but they don't seem applicable to what I would need to know. Can you refer me to somewhere that I can begin learning? Thanks. :)

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Ultrasound sensor

by cparrapa

Have problem avoiding obstacles? any new ideas of applications, activities or games that can be done using the ultrasound are welcome too, just ask here

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