Otto DIY+

by cparrapa

Otto DIY+ (PLUS) (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2398231) is the improved and advanced version of original Otto DIY ("Otto DIY with steroids"), have the same base features DIY robot + Bluetooth control + graphical programming + Android APP (already Beta)+ metal gear servo motors + rechargeable batteries + modes activation + sensors + light moods + other outputs +...?
more info here: https://www.hackster.io/ottoplus/otto-diy-33406c and files here https://github.com/OttoDIY/PLUS
The exciting part is that we are doing open development with everyone around the world, not only with experts, makers and hackers; you can join us with feedback, comments in social network, testing or any other contribution that you might think of.

Just post some comments and ideas.

Otto DIY+ Arduino Bluetooth robot easy to 3Dprint
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Otto PCB

by cparrapa

Many Otto builders want a dedicated PCB for Otto let's do it then!

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3D printing

by cparrapa

Feel free to ask for help about the 3d printing of Otto DIY http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1568652

Otto DIY build your own robot
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Leg servos and fitting

by AlexHolsgrove

I have printed the legs and feet out, but I've had to glue the servo arms to the legs otherwise the leg won't stay attached to the servo. Secondly, the feet seem to wobble as the little nub/post on the leg doesn't hold into the foot - it can just lift out of the groove. Should the foot servo arm also be glued to the foot itself?

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Not responding to Bluetooth commands

by ChrilleSjosten

I have not had any luck to get my HC-06 module to work with my Otto DIY+. I have hooked everything up like the guide says, configured the module to the recommended settings using the Arduino and then I used the OttoDIYAPP_122_baudrate9600.ino to program my Otto. I have also succesfully installed the included OttoDIYAPP.apk on my Android device. I can connect to the HC-06 module without a problem, and when I connect using the app the module stops blinking. But when I try to send commands to the Arduino nothing happends. I have done a succesfull loopback test on my HC-06 module and it seems to be working correctly. Can anyone help me?

Arduino_Nano HC-06 ottodiy
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Is it only me that thinks the space for building is tight?

by guenzi22

I printed one OTTO V3 with my own printer and ordered one kit from CH...
But at both kits the head part is extremely small for assembling the shield and echo sensor. It doesnt make any sense to scale the parts because then the holes for echo sensor and screwings are not at the right place.
Is there any remake/remix that offers more space for assembling the parts? I mentioned to build some OTTOes with my 12 year old students but in this case it's not possible. They are'nt patient enough for such a tiny assembly.

Kind regards,

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Current Code

by stadham

With all the variations of Otto and others can someone tell me where is the current files and code is to make the Android APP work with a bluetooth HC-06 module.

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Connecting battery case without soldering

by guenzi22

I tried to build my own OTTO. For the first step I had to solder out the power-connector from the shield. Otherwise I had no chance to insert the shield into head's part. After connecting all connections I recognised that it seems to be necessary to solder the plus- and minus-cable from the battery case even though there would be to two female dupont connectors at the end of the cable. Aren't there any pins at the shield that can be used for power connection?

Kind regards,

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Otto makes only some clicking sound

by guenzi22

after spending hours in adapting OTTO's head, I assembled all parts. But on connecting it by USB there is just some clicking noise inside the bot. By opening and loading the code into Arduino I get some error message during compiling:

Arduino: 1.8.5 (Windows 10), Board: "Arduino Nano, ATmega328P"

In file included from C:\Users\8460p\Desktop\OttoDIY_PLUS_all\DIY-V03\Otto_avoid\Otto_avoid.ino:10:0:

C:\Users\8460p\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Otto/Otto.h:97:5: error: 'LedMatrix' does not name a type

 LedMatrix ledmatrix;


exit status 1
Error compiling for board Arduino Nano.


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Turns while walking backward

by Vinoh

I finally have my first attempted build working pretty well. However, when walking backwards it tends to turn. It walks forward in a pretty straight line. I've adjusted the trims so they're reasonably straight. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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No movement

by helimadness

Hi All,
Just finished printing my Otto and wanted to test the software. I only have 1 servo connected at the moment as waiting for the rest to be delivered today.
I can verify the sketch in arduino and upload all appears fine. LEDs flash on the Nano and it says completed uploading but nothing happens. I thought the buzzer or servo attached would do something.
Have tried with USB cable and batteries. Batteries were brand new total 6.4v or something.
Should it just start automatically? I tried pushing the reset butting. Re flashing different sketches. All wiring and parts as per the manual. Will it run off the USB cable from a computer USB or is that not enough power ?

Sorry little bit new to Arduino. Have only done a couple of basic projects before.

Doing this as a project with my Daughter. Got the last parts coming today to finish building with her tonight. Dont want her to be disappointed if it doesn't work :-)

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Help Needed

by saltydogitron

I just got my kit and assembled my Otto DIY. Unfortunately, after uploading the .ino files per the guide, my otto still won't move beyond a slight twitch when it is turned on or plugged into the PC via USB. There are two red LEDs (one on each board) that are lit and I have checked all of the cabling at least twice. Any ideas what went wrong? Help!

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