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Otto DIY+ (PLUS) (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2398231) is the improved and advanced version of original Otto DIY ("Otto DIY with steroids"), have the same base features DIY robot + Bluetooth control + graphical programming + Android APP (already Beta)+ metal gear servo motors + rechargeable batteries + modes activation + sensors + light moods + other outputs +...?
more info here: https://www.hackster.io/ottoplus/otto-diy-33406c and files here https://github.com/OttoDIY/PLUS
The exciting part is that we are doing open development with everyone around the world, not only with experts, makers and hackers; you can join us with feedback, comments in social network, testing or any other contribution that you might think of.

Just post some comments and ideas.

Otto DIY+ Arduino Bluetooth robot easy to 3Dprint

Manual says to connect bluetooth to d6, d7, but it not work with OttoDIYAPP_122_baudrate9600.ino. It works with connection to Rx Tx.Why schematic is wrong?
What kind of speaker there are need? I tried 16 Ohm speaker but it overload arduino.

to get the Matrix working. There were various pin configurations for the shield !
DIN - 10
CS - 11
CLK - 12

I trying to build the avoid version, Pin 10 is for Buzzer.
Sounds work!
How can I change the pin?
How can I ad the mouth?

I have two questions I hope someone can help me with:
1.) I am going for an arm variant. Might be too much weight for the little S90 servos. I didn't see a Git fork with arms yet, but i have seen bots on thingverse. Is it around somewhere else. Don't want to "re-code the wheel" if I do not have to.
2.) Is the Otto android app source code somewhere? I did not see it on Github? Really don't want to start from scratch if someone has a skeleton.

Full disclosure: Not new to coding but completely new to open source. Also a pure Java programmer with no android experience. So might be a basic question because I don't know where things like that are stored on the web. Just got done learning how to talk to my Repetier Delta gonna try and learn to speak OttO through android. ^^


Hi Lucid
Welcome to the community.

  1. Great to see more people adding arms to Otto, you haven't seen the git because we don't have a Thing neither, we are working in a new Otto, what it matters to PLUS is to have +BT + metal servos + touch sensors +battery rechargeable (optional)
  2. The Otto APP was a contribution from Juan Felix Mateos an Otto builder, we wish once he finish he release it also opensource as we do with all knowledge.

We want to make sure what is online works and at least had some minimum test to that people can play with. Also when there is a contribution that is gaining popularity and use,then we start to test and work on that to add or launch a new brother of Otto.

Would be awesome to see the voice control we have seen some videos of people but none has been settle.
Do you think with your experience with java we can work on a Scratch or blockly based programming for Otto?

That was my fear...
My goal is to use Otto in the classroom for 8-13 year olds. I choose Otto because with everything including arms + BT the price was only 30 USD.

For my kids the first robot we got a 3 motor biped from a Japan trip and the only way to interface with it was through the USB. As you can imagine not fun for young kids. The way I got them hooked was I attached a cheap IR remote to it and programmed the buttons with fwd, back, turn, head shake, go, and cancel. I put a movement array in the code of around 20 movements that when you hit the end the head would shake no for "robot is full of command". This allowed 5 year olds to program the robot to avoid obstacles knock over buildings ect.. This is what I would like to quickly get running for the students and I will probably just hack the current Otto code to do that but with BT.

I have looked at Scratch and Google blockly, but feel first that we need to figure out an appropriate firmware that could accept more detailed commands. I did notice the Vorpal Combat Hexapod when searching for different robot firmware and like the serial communication setup. Currently it is in Kickstarter but he talks about programming in scratch that might be available to us one he is funded and opens up the code.

Expect a remix Otto from me soon. Since I will probably be building a lot of these I have also started adding tooling and convenience clips as well.

no fear! ;)
that is a very low price where? can you really make it with that budget?
That hack sounds amazing! and you know Otto already have 14 basic movements, some of the have direction (walk forward or backward) + 13 gestures so if can have even more that is amazing!

I saw in youtube some Korean made the serial communication, many people have personalized scratch or maybe blockly easily for their own robots i just don't know how due i don't know java.

Looking forward and excited to see your remix thanks for contributing!

I feel its too early to upload but thought i would share my initial plans. (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2552852) Better get cracking since I will start in October.
Note: my current remix tightened up the gap in the joints but added a slot so you can still put it together without breaking the servo horn.
I still require 3 modifications before i am happy with the body, arm, and feet. I did not change arms and legs (legs i widened the fit for my servo arms). Since i will be making a lot of these with children removing the requirement to cut the servo arms is a high priority, but think i can hide it all in the body of the parts. Also will be adding tooling that helps with soldering and installing fasteners. Additional clips as well so we don't have to glue switches in etc. (Also why cant the Bluetooth module accept 5v Rx.... stuipd more soldering for a voltage divider..)

Worst case: every kid has an Otto that just uses the Avoid.ino with arms hacked into the current firmware.
Best case i take to C++ quickly and am able to help with firmware enough to get most Otto robots under a library that just requires a configuration section:
1.) Bad - Netbeans already isn't compiling any Android code with #ifdef ... (New to makefiles probably my fault)
2.) Good - Netbeans understands the code and lets me jump around and acts like it should compile and checks my stupid dyslexic typos.
I think my must haves for an Otto will be:
1.) BT connection
2.) Defined locomotion type (extendable by config files)
3.) Arduino compatible controller
4.) BT enabled android app that can understand what it has from the firmware response with a config file.
(Similar to Repetier firmware configuration setup can handle Deltas to Cartesian heck an online config tool like they have would be even better.)
I imagine it will land between the two based on my attention span and time and level of help. :)


Lucid looks great for a start!\
feel free to share your pictures also in facebook, maybe more Otto builders will be interested to give you a hand

So cool! Well done! can one use a uno instead of a nano? just happen to have a uno..
thanks everyone

I have a nano, But i Think that the board shield is the same size as a uno, just need to change the holes.

same holes but different size you need to use the UNO version i made with the customizer or alternatively Tito but with bigger servos

you can use the customizer or i have another design (not tested yet) for UNO

Thanks. I found the customizer you mentioned. Such a cool little guy i just have to make 1...or 100

Can't find the wiring connections for the matrix to the Nano shield. Can they be posted somewhere? Thanks

If you are using the MAX7219 LED Matrix then the connections are:

MAX7219 CLK pin - Shield PIN 11
MAX7219 DIN pin - Shield PIN 12
MAX7219 CS pin - Shield PIN 10
MAX7219 VCC pin - Shield 5 volt pin (marked V)
MAX7219 GND pin - Shield GND pin (marked G)

to get the Matrix working. There were various pin configurations for the shield but this one worked.
DIN - 10
CS - 11
CLK - 12

But my Pin 10 is for Buzzer, where do I Put it? how can I change it
I Just trying to build the avoid version. Buzzer is on Pin 10 and the sounds work fine,
How i Add the mouth? where can I change the buzz pin.

i think jason moved the buzzer to 13 as you see DIY PLUS officially doesn't have mouth

Thanks Jason i am working in a new "Otto" dedicated to the mouth and all things we have so far like hands, what do you think?

Hey Camilo, planning on running a workshop with otto in Mexico city. Im struggling to get the LED matrix working any hints? Been playing around with mBlock.

Hey good luck with your workshop Ewan, we are all struggling hope we can work together in the LED matrix hopefully can be controlled with MBlock

Cheers Camilo, finally got the Matrix working. There were various pin configurations for the shield but this one worked.
DIN - 10
CS - 11
CLK - 12

oh you mean the connections oh yes you can always change in the library as you desire what would be cool is to be able to program it in Mblock

Hi Camilo
An official 3d model with improvements to all the other remixes would be a great idea.
I also like the openscad remix from a few days ago from another user, it opens up otto to another group of people, the more different cad versions the better.

I bought a LED matrix for my build. Will that fit in the thingiverse version, or do I need to print the "matrix" version from github?

you can also change the size as you desire using this customizer Otto DIY https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2457865

Otto Customizable

The Matrix version on GiHub has the room for a Led Matrix, it is slightly larger and you will need to print both the body and head.

The MAX7219 LED MATRIX is what was used for the modification,


It would probably be helpful to have a program for testing and debugging different functionality, i.e. servo trim, BT or WiFi connectivity, LED outputs, etc.

For BT already have in github with multiple modes but Wifi maybe we need to use ESP then?