Is it only me that thinks the space for building is tight?

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I printed one OTTO V3 with my own printer and ordered one kit from CH...
But at both kits the head part is extremely small for assembling the shield and echo sensor. It doesnt make any sense to scale the parts because then the holes for echo sensor and screwings are not at the right place.
Is there any remake/remix that offers more space for assembling the parts? I mentioned to build some OTTOes with my 12 year old students but in this case it's not possible. They are'nt patient enough for such a tiny assembly.

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First mistake using old files second buying from CH maybe that was the main mistake LOL

Make sure to use latest files and some parts form there... have different sizes so things wont fit easy for kids, it will be lot of extra work.


Hope you guys have found your solution, but if not,and for people just joining us... I would think that is one purpose you could use brandroid's Otto Customizable model for - you can change body/head size and it keeps the screws, arduino ports, etc. in proper size.


I can't get it to work on Chrome; use Internet Explorer.

Otto Customizable

I can't even get mine together with the battery unit crashing into the bottom pins of the sensor! :(
I'm going to have to remove the sensor pins from their board.