Leg servos and fitting

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I have printed the legs and feet out, but I've had to glue the servo arms to the legs otherwise the leg won't stay attached to the servo. Secondly, the feet seem to wobble as the little nub/post on the leg doesn't hold into the foot - it can just lift out of the groove. Should the foot servo arm also be glued to the foot itself?

if the tolerances are not tight with your printer preferences is better to glue them yes you will be still able to dissemble with the screws after since is only the servo keys

Nobody else had this problem then, or are these forums dead?

Hi @AlexHolsgrove did you see my answer, due lack of participation we created a forum in our wikifactory platform where you can find source files and connect with more Otto builders too! https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/forum/

I did, thank you. My printer is normally about 0.2mm out (Prusa i3 MK3) on any axis, so I wonder if I just need to print a different part. It could also be the thickness of the servo arm. I'll check again tonight after I get home from work.

Good to know you are welcome!