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Latest Marlin on Overlord Pro

by ruzki

does anybody got the latest Marlin running on the DreamMaker Overlord?
I have tried to get it working but still got some problems:

  • OLED Display is shifted by two columns to the left
  • SD Card Menu is slow
  • Marlin Menu is very slow
  • Buttons are reacting slow
  • RGB light ist not working correctly, for now green light is always on.

I have made a repository on GitHub: https://github.com/ruzki/Marlin-1.1-4.x-to-Overlord

Maybe somebody has done this already and got everything working well...

dreammaker_overlord Marlin overlord
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Upgrade/Modifying Overlord Pro software or electronics

by Qossaq

I am wondering if anyone has done anything in this area, I would think there should be a way to utilize the existing framework and hardware and just upgrade the electronics and hot end with more readily available parts. Any thoughts on this. p.s. I am still a noob on 3d printers so please forgive me if this is a totally stupid idea.

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Is this printer now dead?

by chrisdug

I find that I have not used my Overlord for about 6 months - I use my ProSpec (makerbot clone) for everything now. I have some parts I was going to use to upgrade the printer, but with no forum at the MFG anymore - it just seems not worth it. Is there any functioning forum left for this printer? Has anyone ever come up with correctly functioning firmware or at least got an open sourced version that can be edited?
I think I can fix the mechanical issues but without support for firmware - just not worth it.

Is anyone else still using their printer? Have you found firmware solutions?


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Pros and Cons? Found a used one local

by dasflux

This is the first I have heard of on this printer. I see the company is pretty much dissolving so it seems. I just found one for sale locally for 350$ Can you tell me some of the pros and cons? What should i be aware of.

Im mostly concerned in the hardware. I can deal with replacing the board and adding my own probe. This would be my first delta and ive built a dbot before. If this thing has good bones Is it worth it for 350$?

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New to the Overlord Owners?

by Sytar

Hey guys, I hope that this can be a good place for us to talk about issues and adjustments to the printers. Since we will all have the same basic printer, I think it would be great to be able to hear just from Overlord Owners...

Introduce yourself, What is your experience with 3D Printing, what model of Overlord did you get, where do you have your printer (garage, bedroom, office, etc.)

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