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P3steel ramps and tl-smoother mount case

by tahirergec

Dear all
I need to my p3steel printer to the mount ramps and tl-smoother boards
I use this smoother

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XL Y carriage

by Bobbik

Where find blueprint for 20x30 bed platform? Mine is much too heavy and I want to laser cut it aluminium

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P3 Steel v4 Frame - Printed Parts

by InsaneCheese

Hi all,

I recently purchased a P3 Steel v4 Frame and apart from the 10mm smooth rods on the Y Axis I assume v2 printed parts are compatible? I was looking at printing up all of the toolson edition parts that I would need to complete the printer.

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Did some minor Upgrades to the NCS P3Steel

by trentjw

Did a Few Minor upgrades to the NCS P3Steel Base Printer, the Cordobesa Printer gave me a couple of Ideas so I redrew some stuff in the design.
mainly the Y motor mount now has a brace and no longer needs dual plates (can still accept dual plate style if desired)
and the extruder cut parts for all metal direct mount to Nema 17 motor similar to Cordobesa pictures
check it out and read the discription

and thanks to this for some ideas http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1528308

my Free downloadable DXF version will not get these upgrades

NCS P3-v Steel NORTH COUNTRY SPECIALTIES 12 inch 3d printer the NCS P3-v Steel
by trentjw
I3 CORDOBESA Full Steel 1/8" LASERCUT with Bowden extruder
NCS P3-v Steel NORTH COUNTRY SPECIALTIES Free DXF download 12 inch 3d printer the NCS P3-v Steel
by trentjw
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z axis 8mm lead screw

by redone00

has any body go a source for steel parts to upgrade this i know the gape between the motor and smooth rod has to be around 22mm im using prusa metal carrage any ideas

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