P3 Steel v4 Frame - Printed Parts

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Hi all,

I recently purchased a P3 Steel v4 Frame and apart from the 10mm smooth rods on the Y Axis I assume v2 printed parts are compatible? I was looking at printing up all of the toolson edition parts that I would need to complete the printer.

Ho Guys I recently find this group, so if you have any question about the V4 frame, just ask ;)

Hi volks.

I do have the same problem. Looking for the right printed parts for a P3steel V4.0. Any advice?
Thanks for the support

I assume you have looked on here first - http://www.thingiverse.com/search?sort=relevant&q=p3steel+v4&type=collections That doesn't give a lot though - but it does maybe show that there are no major differences. Maybe look up P3Steel V3 also. I would print and test as you go on each step - will it fit, does it fit, move on or find a part.

According to the RepRap wiki it's more of a frame change rather than a parts change. You could ask out to the author of the frame - https://twitter.com/alvaroreyrdz/ and see what they have on file for printer parts? If you get anywhere - remember to document the parts here for others?! :)


Oh my God - i'm so good to you guys....lol Found the source files from Alvaro on his GitHub account - follow this link - https://github.com/AlvaroRey to get access to the source of the V4 design. There are STL files and all sorts about the V4 design.

They (http://www.makergal.es/) also have a drop box account with lots of info - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kfm3tpjrjab7lk3/AAA0gucCSBmcssSFuiC6OenBa?dl=0. Don't forget to thank the authors for this!


According to Tolson FAQ, yes : http://scheuten.me/?p=622

Yes what, that the V2.01 is compatible with V2.5 does not help with this question on his V4

yep sorry I misread the initial post


states right in wiki "Also note that versions 3.0 and 4.0 mentioned below are not derived from either versions 2.01 or 2.5, they are independent developments by their respective authors."

as Steve stated don't just start blindly printing parts you be best to confirm what you are printing has a chance to work on your V4

Toolson Ed parts are based off the 2.01 and 2.5 frame. Probably worth checking the frame layouts (which can be found here too) and see if there are any holes/mounts etc that differ. I imagine a mix of Toolson and v4 parts will work - best not to just print all blind and see how you go part by part!


I will have to go back and look at the v4 but I am thinking it pretty much stands alone as far as printing upgrades

Sorry for the Necroreply: But I'm upgrading the FT Prusa i3 2020 to the p3steel v4

AFAIK, it depends on WHAT upgrades we are talking about:

The biggest changes I've seen so far are:
an increase length and diameter of the y-axis smooth rods. (10mm x 510mm)

But perhaps his Github wasn't as refined a year and a half ago. https://github.com/AlvaroRey/P3Steel_V4_20x30

But, as is the custom, I'm sure I'll be doing a little bit of trial and error when it's time to swap frames.