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Dual and triple braket flash attachments

by MarcoMota01

I just uploaded in the group some of the flash attachments i created to have a light and a microphone attached to the camera. Tell me what you think.
heres a video where I explain how one of them works: https://youtu.be/CULkl10fYSc
p.s. the one in the video is too much bulky I would suggest you to print the triangular one (its my favorite)

attacment braket camera flash manfrotto micro rode triple
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Tilt-Shift Adapter for Canon EF and FD lenses for EOS-M

by Empiricus

If anyone has tried and tested .stp for other lens mounts (Nikon-F etc and other Micro4/3 cameras) or spec sheets please share them so that I can integrate them into this adapter. Most I find are very rudimentary designs that won't hold up.

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Heavy Duty Tripod Ball Head

by Empiricus

Updated the ANSI screw threads for better printing and compatibility.

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