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Warping despite heated bed

by thenumenorean

Hi, im having some trouble with my plus. All my prints are warping badly at the corners. This is despite using the heated bed, and occurs regardless of using the stock kapton tape or blue painters tape. Printing with hatchbox pla at 210, bed 80, pre-print cleaning with ipa. I am trying to avoid using a raft.
Unfortunately the solution to warping appears to be "get a heated bed" so i am at a loss. Any suggestions?

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issue with underextrusion

by Arikoth

Hoping one of you might know whats going on with my printrbot plus, been fighting this issue and I'm just about out of ideas. It's less than two months old and I'm having underextrusion issues. It has the Alu V2 new extuder on it, tried about 4 different rolls of filament (Hatchbox), replaced the tip, re-flashed the firmware, disassmebled and cleaned both the extruder and hot end (no change) and tried using Cura and Repetier and getting the exact same issue. My boss has one of these printers and I love how his does no idea why mine is being so difficult!


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New to the group

by Maidyn

is there anyone still active in this group

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Using Octoprint and a Raspberry PI

by sscharnell

Has anyone modded their printer with a Raspberry PI 3 and octoprint? I am building an enclosure for my printer and figured this would be the best time to install a PI with a touch screen. I am not sure what size screen to get. any one have any suggestions?

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pi camera mount

by schmots

I had my camera mounted to my simple metal bed no problem. The rails on the plus bed make that impossible. Anyone have any plans or examples for how to mount a camera to the frame?

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