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I can help with your Printrbot Play problems and fixes

by jdalemarrowstone

I've spend the better part of the last year or so learning everything about what makes the PB Play tick - or as I've also had to find out, what doesn't make it tick. I feel like I've gathered a lot of knowledge and it seems like a waste if I don't share it. Plus, I enjoy fixing things and helping other out when I can. Post your PB Play problem and I'll do my best to give you a fix, recommend a part or even help you troubleshoot the problem.

Remember, there are no bad questions...and there is no spoon.

  • JD
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Help/support/getting-started files

by OJTheAviator

Since Printrbot seems to have gone out of business, I figured others might have trouble finding help and support files, so I'm posting all I have. If anyone else has other files or articles from Printrbot, please post them in case others need it. Thanks!

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Replacing Extruder Stepper

by codingCat

I'm looking for the full specs on the extruder's stepper motor.

My Play is suffering from Jog (a back and forth motion). Following Printrbots video I swapped connectors and check them for continuity. Their video suggests this means the motor has failed and needs to be replaced. (video in question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APlYNjQuJ9E)

No problem, Nema 17's aren't that expensive and it should be the snap to swap it out... assuming I can match the motor type. Apparently saying you need a Nema 17 is about as helpful as saying I need a blue one as far as tracking down the correct motor goes.

Thus this cry for help.

Can anyone tell me what type of Nema 17 is used by the Play? What size is it, how much power does it draw, what torque does it require, what's the step angle. Any information would be helpful.

Thanks in advance. :-)

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Diagnosing the cause of Jog

by codingCat

Over the last week extrusion has failed. I followed the video on Job vs Click I think I thought that I had verified that the extruder motor is the culprit -- back and fort, jiddering movement of the motor. I thought I had confirmed it by swapping connectors with other motors (jog still happens when receiving signal for the z-motor), and running a continuity check on the cable and connectors (no problem detected) -- (video in question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APlYNjQuJ9E).

I did my best to match the specs, grabbed a replacement motor on Amazon, and installed it in the printer.

The Jog remains.

What could be causing the problem?


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Help with leveling probe not sensing part of print bed

by OJTheAviator

Firstly, two things: 1, I am using Cura, 2, I am very new to 3D printing, so please excuse any lack of terminology.

I recently got a Printrbot Play and I have been printing almost every day for the last several weeks. I printed off a new shroud so that I can see it working, that is my only modification. Today, I successfully printed a car body and I changed out the filament for the wheels, then started printing those. The print head does that auto leveling thing in 3 or 4 spots where it goes up and down until the red light on the probe turns on. That leveling step worked fine for the left-hand side of the print bed, but as it went to check the right side, the light turned off and when it tried to level, it just pushed into the print bed as if it did not sense it. I killed the power and tried again, the same thing happened, red light on the left (sensing), no light on the right. Does anyone have any advice or help on how to calibrate/fix this? Is that enough info, do you guys need a video of the problem?

One more thing, there have been a handful of times when PLS builds up on the hot end, falls onto the print, gets stuck, and the leveling sensor knocks into it. Could that have damaged it? Do I need to replace it?

Thanks in advance!

auto_bed_leveling Help printrbot Printrbot_play Z_calibration z_probe
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