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Squished Base Level

by EagleEye314

Every time I 3D print a file the first 3 layers are always printed as if the extruder is too close to the board. I have a PrintrBot Simple that is wooden, and I use painter's tape to ease print removal. I have Slic3r correct in the Z axis for the painter's tape, but it still squishes the base of the prints. This causes a problem when I print parts to fit together as the bottom is too large and requires sanding.

Would rafting the print solve this problem, and if so how do I remove things from the raft?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, let me know if I need to post additional information.

1.75 PLA
Repiter-Host v1.6.0
Slic3r 1.2.9
No change after changing first layer height

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Jagged circles? Help?

by allpandaman

I've had my printer for 1 1/4 years now and have noticed that sometimes circles look jagged and rough instead of smooth. I was wondering if any of you know what causes this and how to fix it.

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by spaceballs

So yesterday my mom said that a client from my facebook page wanted to facetime with me about an order. So today I get on facetime and it was brook drumm! my dads friend knows him and set up a facetime call. He did a video tour of the warehouse and factory and introduced me to his employs and I get to see the new play still in design!

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Post Your Upgrades

by JonnayLin

Hi guys! I want this to be an area that everyone can post their upgrades/updates. If you have some cool stuff you've designed for the Printrbot Simple, feel free to post it in this group!

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Slic3r settings for Printrbot?

by ArizonaClark

I've found a model that I really want to try (https://www.youmagine.com/designs/quick-print-gear-bearing), but the instructions say that he can't get it to work right with Cura (and I haven't been able to either). So, at the suggestion in the instructions, I've downloaded Slic3r, but when it gets to "gcode flavor", I don't know what to specify.

Has anybody used Slic3r with a Printrbot? What "gcode flavor" do you use?

BTW, Slic3r seems much slower than Cura. Since I have a Raspberry Pi running OctoPrint actually talking to my Printrbot 1405, I don't have to worry about Slic3r driving the 1405 directly.

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