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We should start modifying Things to make them printable.

by FlyingWhale

All printrbot simple users suffer from tiny print volume, from time to time.
Why don't we start modifying Things to make them printable?

Emmet's Cube Gears (2-3) split into two prints.
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by Makamaka

Have you guys been experiencing overheating issues?

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Bed off center?

by Mek

when i'm printing, my bot prints everything too far to the right of where it's supposed to print, i know it's in the software. ideas?

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by skinnywhiteboy

im getting an odd ribbed texture in all of my .01 layer height prints here are a few links to examples. http://www.thingiverse.com/make:122196 and http://www.thingiverse.com/make:115227
any ideas or has anyone else experienced this problem?

Groot Bust Sculpture
Sliced Human Skull with Mandible and Teeth
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did i fry it

by JackJ106

Every time I try to y home my p-bot simple makers kit it go's normal the first time but with a GRINDING noise . Then it does the same thing but it go's to the front of print bed & decides it's home.

Other wise it's rip printrbot simple makers kit 2015- 2015

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