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Optimal Cura Settings

by PacoDeth

Had the 3D Printer packed up for a bit after a move, getting back into using it again. Anyone have some perfected settings for Cura for the Printerbot Simple Metal? As many details as possible (pictures even!) would be greatly appreciated.

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Extended bed G-code

by europa1

Hi I recently changed my printrboard to a rev. F6 and lost my G-code that accounted for the bed upgrade. Does anyone know the G-code?

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Suddenly stringing/blobbing

by Cretemonkey

I have been printing 6 sided dice sets with ABS for about a year and suddenly, after a break of about a month, I started getting bad stringing between the dice. I have a Printrbot Simple Metal with a Ubis 13S hot end using Cura 15.04 and 75% infill. The following is what I've done to try and correct the problem.

  • print speed is 50mm/s
  • print with brand new filament
  • reduce temp down to 220
  • raise temp up to 240
  • increase retraction speed to 90mm/s
  • decrease retraction min extrude length to 0.5mm
  • increase travel speed to 200mm/s
  • triple check filament diameter (I even increased and decreased by up to 2mm anyway just to see what it would do)
  • decrease flow rate to 90% (any lower and there are gaps in the die)
  • print with fan on at 0.5mm
  • print with fan off

I may have fiddled with other things but I've been messing with it for a few months and may have forgotten something. In the end I've reduced the stringing but the blobs are still pretty bad and it takes a lot of finishing work to fix the print. Any thoughts or suggestions are very welcome even if I may have tried it you may have a better combination of actions. Thanks!

Blob Stringing
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Prints not centered on bed

by schmots

When ever I do a G29 either by hand or in my start gcode the printer seems to think center of the bed is 10-20mms to the right and about half that back. Anyone else have this issue?

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Where do I buy nozzles?

by rnelias

Is there any other places, besides Printrbot's site, to get nozzles for my Metal?

Shipping costs from printrbot to my country are riculously high and most of the nozzles I find on eBay are male threaded...

My extruder is the old ceramic one (not the new Ubis)

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