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Major clogging Issues.

by blackwaltz3

I got a Printbot Simple Metal about a week ago. I know the company is dead, as are most of the links to manuals. The only issue seems to be it clogs all the time. I had feed issues but found out that was because of the upper extruder clogs. I have tried 3DMars and Hatchbox PLA, the tip temperature started at 190-210, print speed 30-60. The ranges are the lowest I have used and the highest. I haven't had much luck printing at 60. Feed is set to 100%. I know this thing can print, I completed 3 prints. However now no matter what I do I can't get it to stop clogging. The surface is a heated extended metal bed. Other than the above I do not know much else about software on it. Other issues seem to be, the print will accept and save M212 for setting Z height for fine-tuning, then just not do anything about it. So I adjusted the sensor with wrenches until it was good enough.

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Prints not centered on bed

by schmots

When ever I do a G29 either by hand or in my start gcode the printer seems to think center of the bed is 10-20mms to the right and about half that back. Anyone else have this issue?

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Probe Sensor Question

by SeudoDesign

Hello, my "z" proximity sensor broke and I mistakenly replaced it with an NPN sensor, with which I noticed that the operation was not adequate. I have 2 questions: 1 Can I change this NPN sensor with software to behave like a PNP? if it is not possible, what do you recommend buying, a normally open PNP or a normally closed PNP? I am not an engineer or technician, just a hobbyist, I appreciate your understanding

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Weird blobbyness on certain layers

by Moose_Inthe_Room

I've run into a problem with my printrbot I can't figure out how to fix. I've hunted around on forums a bit, but I only found one other person who had what might be the same issue (his pictures weren't very good so I couldn't tell for sure) but none of the fixes suggested there have worked for me.
Okay so the lead up to the problem starting: I recently got fed up with the whole painter's tape thing and installed a BuildTak sheet on my 2014 printrbot simple metal. It has sustained some minor damage from accidental homing of the nozzle when it was hot and incorrect z-offsets, but it's still in pretty good shape so I don't see how it could be causing my problem. Shortly after I had the buildtak installed and had figured out my new z-offset, my z-axis stopped working. I did some diagnostics (uncoupled the motor and found that the motor wouldn't turn at the right speed so the problem had to be either the motor or the controller. Switched out which motor was plugged into which port and found that nothing plugged into the z port would work so the problem was with the board) and found a thread on the problem. The thread suggested I reflash my firmware so I did (it seemed intimidating but it was much easier than I expected.) And it worked too!
Or so I thought. On my next print (http://www.thingiverse.com/make:131111 I had printed them out before but lost one so I needed another) my first layer went down fine, but the next half-dozen or so were incredibly blobby and uneven. The hotend would actually be jostled up and down during a layer by the uneven surface of the last one! I let it run just to see what happened and eventually the layers started evening out and went back to normal. The blobby first layers are mushroomed out to such an extent that nothing I print will fit like it's supposed to. I've also just noticed while writing this that the new prints are significantly shorter z-wise than my old ones. I've played around with my z-offset, my printing temperature, and even switched filaments, but nothing changes.

TL;DR reflashed firmware to fix something else, first layer now comes out fine, next couple are incredibly blobby.

Here are the pics, far left is the print I did before the problem started, middle is after with the same filament, right is after but with a different filament. The old print was scaled 130% on the x-axis but not changed on the z-axis, so that doesn't explain the height difference.

Edit: I realized I forgot to resolve this issue, so I'm going to do that now. I wound up fixing the issue entirely by accident. The computer I use with my printer is given to me by my university, and every year I have to turn it over for a "software refresh," basically they wipe the whole thing, make sure it's running (relatively) smoothly, install software I need for my program, and then give it back to me so I can re-install other software and restore my files. So in this process my host software and all the relevant drivers were removed. When I reinstalled them and when I tried a print, it worked just fine with no trace of the weird blobbyness. A few months later the issue resurfaced and I solved it by (IIRC, like I said, I should have updated this sooner) reinstalling repetier again. I don't know what the exact issue was, but I'm just going to chalk it up to software weirdness and try to fix it the same way if it ever comes up again. Thank you for all your help, and if anyone is reading this because they had the same issue, try reinstalling your software and I wish you the best of luck!
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PrintrBot Simple Metal Small Feet
by flaagan
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Printrbot Out of Business!

by Juggala

Does anyone know where to get hot ends and other parts now that Printrbot is shut down?

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