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Where do I buy nozzles?

by rnelias

Is there any other places, besides Printrbot's site, to get nozzles for my Metal?

Shipping costs from printrbot to my country are riculously high and most of the nozzles I find on eBay are male threaded...

My extruder is the old ceramic one (not the new Ubis)

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Pausing a print in CURA

by Gondee

Does anyone have any working knowledge of how to pause and resume a print in CURA. I see the plugin pause at Z, but it doesn't seem to do anything. I would like to do this for the purposes of changing filament colors mid print.


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power supply and printer not functional after power outage

by PLAparts

I was printing a 13 hour job on my printerbot simple metal with the extended heated bead but a power outage in the area canceled it mid prin. at first the power supply did work on its own but when I pluged it into the printer it seemed to shut off the power supply, now the power supply is not turing on even when I switch outlets in the room and in diffrent rooms. I have been reading up on it and it seems that the main curcut may be fried, or it could be the power supply? (no computer or any other deviece was pluged in, I also checked the wires on the board and their where none overlaping making a short curcit) whats happeneing and how do I fix it? I would love any feed back and suggestions if you have experinced this or somthing like this.

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printrboot simple stoppped working

by jbskone

My printrbot simple has been working fine , but suddenly stopping "talking" to my computer -- changed cables and computers to no affect . Any ideas as to where to look first ? --- Thanks , Joe

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LCD Controller on the Rev F Printrboard

by JaysonHale

Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post about this topic, but I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions of the lay out for a Rev F board LCD Controller adapter. I've been looking around right now on the internet, and have found a lot of help regarding the Rev D board, but none for the Rev F. I was just wondering if there were any alterations on the lay out of the Rev D and Rev F boards, as well as any directions to find an adapter to connect the Rev F to an LCD Controller. Thank You ^o^

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