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E3D Hot End

by Esmarra

Hello, is anyone using the E3D v6 hotend with the REV-D Board?
Im looking for the firmware with the thermistor change plz

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did i fry it

by JackJ106

Every time I try to y home my p-bot simple makers kit it go's normal the first time but with a GRINDING noise . Then it does the same thing but it go's to the front of print bed & decides it's home.

Other wise it's rip printrbot simple makers kit 2015- 2015

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I Love The Wood Version

by Poulpc

i saw there was only a Printrbot Simple Metal group, so i made this one

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Printrbot Simple wood upgraded to 296mmx227mmx180mm print area

by Roedkill

Well it used to be wood. has since been modified.
I would add to the things section but it can only be part of one group.

Printrbot Simple X-axis Upgrade 296mmx227mm!
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