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Upgrading to the G2 board

by sscharnell

Has anyone upgraded their printer to the G2 board? I just installed it last night and am looking for advice / help.

G2 Upgrade
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Printrboard Z axis not holding

by Generalx5

Hey everyone, I recently salvaged a printrboard Rev D from another printer...

And I'm running into issues with the Z motor not holding after a move command is given.

I have no firmware access, as I am unable to successfully compile on Arduino from numerous verify errors. So all changes need to be done by Gcode and saved using the M500 command.

Basically, X and Y after a move, holds its position, but the Z motor free rotates. This is immediately after a movement command.

Does anyone know whats wrong? Ive also swapped stepper motors and the result is the same for the Z axis.

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Anything for Printrbot Play

by Fancy_Raptor

Can anyone find anything for Printrbot Play

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Enhancements for Printrbot Simple Metal

by mara3dp

Hey all!

Have you found any good enhancements for a Printrbot Simple Metal?

This one is amazing and works great: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:507944
This one I haven't tried to attach yet, but it's made for the old wooden model, so not sure if it will fit mine: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:258459


Printrbot Simple Metal Extruder Handle
by danmar
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Looking for advice for upgrading a Printrbot Plus Version 1

by rtsandiego

Looking to upgrade my extruder/nozzle on this unit. Any tips?

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