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Printrite diy upgrade to ramps 1.4 thermistors

by NextPeakMaker

Can't seem to get either the hotend or the bed thermistors to respond. Hot end reads positive 26 degrees. It heats up but the display stays at 26 - seems it would keep heating until it burned down my flat... heat bed shows -26, doesn't heat up at all. Using the firmware uploaded by shawdreamer. Changed the thermistor tables to 11 as I'm using 3950 1% thermistors. Checked the resistance of the thermistors and its normal. If I disconnect the thermistors, I then get a min temp error on the lcd. Can anyone help?

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Installing blower for bridging and better quality prints.

by Xakekazi

I've been reading up a bit about bridging techniques and building supports. I've also seen that building something greater than 45 degrees in angle without supports is tricky without proper cooling. My question is I want to use something that I don't have to solder or add a new motherboard for. I'm using a Colido diy 3d printer. I've seen that I can use a 12v blower fan with a printable mount near the extruder that looks promising. Another option is to use a 40mm fan with a different mount but then I have to adjust the mobo or do some soldering with adding resistors. Has anyone done this and are there suggestions for the 50x15 blower since that seems to be a better option? My wife does cosplay so I have been building her materials to mold with silicone or just to use outright. This will help me greatly increase my print quality along with any new items I couldn't do before bridging and using supports with bridging. Thank you for any answers!

40mm_fan_duct 5015_fan_duct blower blower_duct Blower_fan Bridging CoLiDo_DIY cooling
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Setting up a DIY Colido on Macbook Air

by alphatauomega2002

Ok guys, I'm completely new to this. I downloaded the Repetier software from the website for the DIY printer, LED is flashing and Repetier says it is connected, but I cannot get the printer to do anything, I connect, the printer doesn't move. Trying to calibrate and set Home, etc. It says Unknown Firmware at the bottom. I cannot find any screens or help for a MacBook, so I'm lost. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Colido CoLiDo_DIY Mac Macbook Macbook Air Repetier
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by LumpierAxe

I notice that the x-axis belt is robing on something I don't know what , but I also notice a cracked, and it made my printer not useable, I just keep getting failed print, and I also don't have another 3d printer so I cant print a fix, do you guys have any ideas on a fast fix to at least be able to print the new x-axis
there's a picture.

Help print rite printrite
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Ramps 101

by kelpo

I'm having troubles with my CoLiDo printer and after looking on this forum I decide to go for the ramps 1.4 upgrade; but i don't have any idea where to start, any ramps kit that you can recommend to buy? Can I follow the installation videos intended for other printers (aka prusa)? I know that I'm asking a lot but as you can read this is going to be my first try to upgrade my printer and even a small comment will be really helpful.


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