Setting up a DIY Colido on Macbook Air

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Ok guys, I'm completely new to this. I downloaded the Repetier software from the website for the DIY printer, LED is flashing and Repetier says it is connected, but I cannot get the printer to do anything, I connect, the printer doesn't move. Trying to calibrate and set Home, etc. It says Unknown Firmware at the bottom. I cannot find any screens or help for a MacBook, so I'm lost. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Print-Rite CoLiDo Repetier-host 1.0.2 for Mac OS – for CoLiDo DIY ZIP 44.3 25 May 2017


The Repetier-Host Software is available at www.colido.com under Software.
Have you tried printing the sample gcode that came with the DIY? Are you getting the error message with that gcode? Feel free to contact me at richardvandermey@printritena.com as I may be able to assist you with this issue.

I had the same problem with the identical set up. I dropped the Repetier software and uploaded Pronterface software http://www.pronterface.com/ and it connected and works beautifully. It is currently as I type this printing out a model of Krakatoa using a HP Sprout Computer running windows 10. Last evening I printed a Cthulhu idol using my Mac with the Pronterface software and it looks amazing. It was a 6 hour print with no issues.

So, I had a similar issue on my printer (take note however that I was using windows 8 and a Lenovo laptop)
For me, I had to change a setting in the slicer for "filament". I had to choose "PLA_0" after it was previously set to "PLA_70"
You may want to try using the Cura software. It usually yields much greater quality prints and is much much easier to use.

Just so you know, in around a few months your mainboard is gonna give up. When that happens, you'll want to upgrade the mainboard to an Arduino Mega 2560 and a Ramps 1.4 motor shield.

If you have the money, time, and will to do it now, then do it. If not, just ride out the mainboard until it gives up

PLA 70 refers to the headbed bed being 70 degrees C because it doesn't come with a heat bed it will just not work and break the program

I disagree about the stock controller on the DIY "giving up". I've had mine for going on a year now of nearly daily use without any serious issues. Also, there isn't any reason for the stock board to die quicker than an arduino / ramps setup. I recommend keeping the stock board and spend time using and learning about the printer. Then you can make informed decisions on what improvements should be made now, later, and what isn't needed. Now, if the controller does need to be replaced, I would not buy a new replacement from Colido since they are too expensive.

As far as the printer not doing anything:

  1. What is displayed when getting printer information (Alt-I) ?
  2. What do the logs say? Normally G commands are the only things logged but you can enable informational, warning, and error output also.
  3. It can be useful in troubleshooting communication problems to use the "screens" program included in Apple IOS. You can open the USB port and issue G command to the printer outside of Repetier, Cura, or other applications.

Try and check the baudrate and where you connect the printer.
Baud rate should be 115200 according the Colido themselves and the printer should be connected under CoLiDo DIY 3D Printer