Is anyone still using this printer?

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I am just wondering if this printer is still being in use for everyone in this group? After getting better printers, I will say, mine has been moved to the corner of the bench, still used but rarely.

Yes. Had to rebuild and change bed as bearing holders broke and let the X bearings free. Luckily I had another machine to cannibalise after buying a demonstrator cheap last year.

I thought I would comment - my collido has just been brought back into service - the thermostat went so I changed the print head and thermostat - it is now printing the headbands for masks as part of 3Dcrowd.uk - running constantly during the day and evening - very reliable little printer.

Hi there, Mine's sort of still in operation although the printer itself still has most of its original components it now has Ramps 1.4, an e3d v6 extruder, a proximity switched z home instead of a microswitch, heated bed of course and wiring from a mad scientist's laboratory. As a retired engineer I checked out alignment in all sorts of directions and gradually homed in on as near a perfect set up as I was happy with. One of the first things to go was the plastic bed which was replaced with 10mm aviation quality aluminium plate and a Geckotek magnetic build plate. I keep messing about with the idea of auto levelling but I can't properly get my head round it, anybody with a solution would be welcome lol.

I keep thinking about retiring the machine and getting a new one but I still think there's plenty left that's useful.

Yes, mines is still in use, not as often as I used to use it, but that's due to my bad health, nothing to do with the printer itself.
It does require a fair bit of setting up but the results are still very good, the axis guide rods are starting to show wear marks but the thing still keeps on printing.
Considering the original cost and the few parts I have made for it, this printer has been well worth the money spent.
I've patiently been waiting on it dyeing to do a Ramps replacement on it, as I really liked the idea of having more control, however as they say... if it ain't broke don't fix it, so I'm still waiting :o)
It's still a load of fun, and been going now for over 4 years. almost 5.

I bought a Compact at Xmas (my first 3d printer), had a great time and then ordered a Anycubic Mega-S direct from them for a steal in their new year sales, I use this mostly, but recently bought this Colido DIY for silly money (£60) with the intention to use it to learn much more, experiment and upgrade. Just bought an Ultrabase heated bed 220x240, bigger than needed but the DIY has lots of room, so now I have to construct a Y carriage plate for it, fit some springs and add a bigger psu & relay/mosfet. It is noisy though, any tips?

I dont think there is much that can be done to quiet it down, replace the fan with one that is quiet but then the whole machine is loud, bearings There is a member in this group that made his own printer based on some of the DIY parts, it's called Poltur. you can find it in the things section of the group

skip the Poltur and go straight to converting it to a XL v.2..... the original is three years old now, used everyday, never really failed me and and still going strong.

Welp my Printrite is officially done for unless I can find a wiring harness for it, cheap

original printrite harness is currently 14 quid from HK, considering the usual pricing they place on printrite spares that actually quite cheap lol

Yea it's like $16. I was surprised as well. Now lets hope it's still in stock by the time I get enough to make it worth shipping it lol.
I was moving the printer lastnight, planning on doing a long print with it as my other printer is to loud(fans sound like bushings) anyway, and 2 of the wires that goes into the plugs for the stepper motors ripped apart on it. Or the cat chewed on it while it was at my folks house

Iirc the PR uses uses the standard micro-jst plugs both ends so its likely you can just pick up a single replacement cable off eBay if you dont fancy buying the lot or having to wait, failing that you can just buy some plugs and un-crimped ends to repair the damaged one... Bit fiddly with a pair of needle nose pliers but could save you a couple of bucks.

I cant seem to get it to connect to a slicer now anyways. using the 115200 baud rate, and the com port that it shows.

I've been upgrading in the past year with various things found on Thingiverse, some stuff I made myself, and a little bit of hardware (fans, heated bed, ...). It seems to print quite well with some upgrades.

Mine now has a heated bed powered through the regular board but with a better PSU, a fan to cool the tip, better Z axis, upgraded bearings, and a better filament spool holder. Looking forward to experiment with a different print head and better stepper drivers on a different ramps.

The PrintRite DIY is much fun to improve. Some of the hardware is quite okay, and some things are easy to improve so I guess I'll keep it around for a bit longer.

The Bed Mosfet for my rostock decided to smoke itself, so as my PR still doesn't have a heated bed, it now has a not cack control board. For the first time I can do prints without the extruder skipping steps at the drop of a hat.

I still use mine, it is definitely the biggest of the build areas I have. Until recently was still even using the original board, with just basic mods like y/z axis brackets, bearings oh and replacing the warped ass guide rods on the x axis. Then last couple of weeks it has been given an...alternate board. Has a bit more punch in the drivers than original PR board, so no more click of sadness from my extruder. so it is again my designated big stuff printer

Mine's still bveing used (and abused) PR motherboard got binned and converted to RAMPS after the usual heated bed etc. Printed a case for the RAMPS stuff but not got around to actually using it MOSFET bed tamp control after a bit of a smoking incident. Oodles of power available from my 30 amp power supply, wires everywhere might frighten some I just call it "interesting"

Still using it with nice results :-)

just got a ender 3pro, today. thinking of converting this to a DIY laser cnc or something laser....why not!!!

Both this one and my Anet one are both benched at the moment. I haven't had the time to sit down and repair them.

The Printrite needs a new heater as the wire snapped during an "upgrade"

The Anets temp sensor fell out and cooked the entire print end, now jams up printing longer than 10 minutes regardless of what I try.

Absolutely, It just works. My X5S is constantly in need of adjustment and or repair. I'm using the DIY for detailed prints now by installing a .2 mm nozzle and making appropriate setting changes. The print quality is very good.

twas the secret to PR's DIY limited success..... simplify and cheap'en (shame they concentrated on the "cheap'en" part more though), once you start to get more complicated rigs like Tronxy's X5 range there's more to go wrong.
with a coreXY or Delta when you start getting any kind issues you can quickly realise the cause maybe several factors..... with a Cartesian..... the belt needs adjusting LOL

Yes, it is still my only one printer. It works pretty well (with some minor maintenance here and then) but it is robust, prints very well and most importantly, it is still the smallest one!

Mine is just used for flexible filaments now after MANY upgrades/alterations. It still works fine, but I prefer my Creality CR-10 for the PLA/ABS jobs, and I have an Anycubic Photon that is great for smaller detailed work.

Mine died a little while ago. Instead of spending money on it, I'm planning to get a more sturdy-framed printer as a replacement (thinking of a cr-10) Maybe i'll tinker around a bit with the leftovers though. Only the hotend seems broken, so maybe I'll try to equip it with a laser or something like that.

Just bought a cr10s-pro but still using my printrite as a second printer.

Mine is still going strong. Did plenty of upgrades over the years. I'm going to build a D-bot and all parts are printed with the PrintRite.

Bought another printer - but this one is still faster and more reliable than any of the others I have access to

mine still lives on in its PolTur config though bit by bit the hardwares starting to die off and be replaced, original PR endstops were the last recent ones to be swapped out, surprisingly though the motors are all still rock solid performers.

Mine is packed up since I moved onto a Monoprice Select Mini Pro. I got tired of the catastrophic fails, the gouged print bed, the poor print quality, etc. It might run okay if given some TLC, but in my current situation I'd much rather have the printer that prints smaller but more reliable and detailed prints.

It was a decent educational experience and starter printer for me, though. Made me learn more about the settings, issues, dangers, etc.