Ramps 1.6 upgrade

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Colido control board stopped communicating so I decided to upgrade.
Has anyone got a Config.h for ramps 1.4 or 1.6 for this 3D printer?
If not can anyone tall me which 3D printer in the list of Ramps Config examples is the closest to the Printrite?

I have all the hardware connected and only need to program the Mega in order to finish the upgrade.

Please help.

Went down the RAMPS 1.4 route when the crap colido motherboard went "puft", years of reliable service followed until one day it stopped part way through a print and at £23 for a 32 bit board I gave it a go. I am now in the process of going 32 bit and went the whole hog of 2208 drivers. After probably reading too much before I started I have yet to get any sort build on the chip and it's bound to be something stupid because it always is. If anyone out there has a working firmware configuration for a 3diy I'd be most grateful

I do not own this model printer, but found is very useful tool when adding a heated bed to my Tevo Michelangelo.

Marlin-Config Utility: https://github.com/akaJes/marlin-config

Hi Glenn,

These are my settings so far. The majority of settings are for the original parts. Not sure about the heater setting, mine reads too low values right now.

Would love to hear which improvements you make to this.

Best of luck with the upgrade.

Hi All,
Thanks for the replies. All input is much appreciated.

So! I think I have all the correct settings in my Arduino Sketch but I am having difficulties in getting the sketch to compile.

I will continue to resolve the compiling errors and will hopefully sort it all out.

I will seek assistance as time progresses.


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