PrintRite-Cura Settings and other simple mods

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Through trial and error I think I found a setting that I am satisfied with. Some tips and mods below.

My Printer! http://i.imgur.com/u6yiCCB.jpg

This is my settings. You can download and load the profile to Cura.

Bed Leveling:

  • The Print-Rite base will twist with uneven table so I bought Ikea's LACK and prop the table to the wall to decrease shaking.
  • I find that manually turning the right Z-stepper motor while the printer is OFF/unplugged is the easiest way to adjust the bed. Pic: http://i.imgur.com/FL4Eb0V.jpg
  • With the Ikea table I find the bed's front to back to be level most of the time. Sometimes I only needed to raise it by adding a post-it note thickness.

Bad Prints

  • I find that most of the printing mistakes is solved by slowing down the printer - 20mm/s.

Printer origin

  • The back left of the bed is the nearest to 0:0 and in Cura it's the black line XYZ indicator while slicing.

String of plastic at the start of the print (I'm still trying to fix this one by software or by a hack)

  • There is always a small string of plastic that would stick on the first layer. I usually just clean it out as it's printing out the brim.

Simple mods:
Bed: I feel like the screw heads on the original bed are a little depressed so I added a plywood that I know is flat then use the blue tape.

Z axis end-stop calibration screw: Because of the increase height of the plywood bed I needed to extend the z axis screw. I printed a standoff spacer or a cylinder, warmed it up with a heat gun then rotate the screw in. Viola! A threaded spacer.

Adjusted X and Y end-stop switch: I wanted for the 0:0 to be right on the corner of my bed so I moved the X and Y switch closer. I printed some switch holders and fixed it on the metal rods.

LACK Ikea table: The printer is almost as wide as LACK table so if you put an enclosure like I did it might be a tight fit. The concern is the Y stepper motor touching the sides.

Octoprint with Raspberry pi 2: Very convenient specially with a webcam.

So far no major mishaps yet with my printer.

hi there, are you using cura to print with the colido printer of with the print-rite software please?

nice post, thx 4 sharing.
I also use the ikea lack but than 2 put together with acrylic side panels, the cheapest and easiest enclosure for your printer!
Octoprint on the PI works great, support for slic3r would be nice though ....

Did you had problems with the clearance? I thought I measured that Print-Rite is higher than the LACK clearance. That looks so good though!

it fits (L x W x H)
Print-Rite 52.5 x 48 x 36.8 cm
Lack Table 55 x 55 x 45 cm (thickness top 5 cm)