Hot End Thermistor

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Hi all. I am really hoping someone here knows what thermistor the hotend uses, as I have actually managed to kill mine. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks for all the input folks. I made a trip to my local bits store this morning, however they sadly do not stock the high temp thermistors the printers use. So since I am going to banggood anyway for the thermistor I have decided I may as well also order the parts for the controller/screen as well as some actual LM8UU to replace the printed ones I have been using the last few months. So when they actually arrive (from what I hear banggood shipping can be a bit hit and miss) I will see if I cannot make the poor beast live again.

dont worry banggod is reliable. They always send it fast but it take long to arrived depending where you live. and if there is a issue they have a great customer service

I hope so. It has been a whole 24 hours since last I printed something, and there have been at least half a dozen time today when I have had an idea for something to print, only to go "...awwwww, that's right". that being said I can still go ahead and design stuff.....just gotta wait to print it darn it. :)

Check out eBay or wherever you shop for....... NTC Thermistor 100K with 1M Cable for RepRap Prusa Mendel Bed or Hot End

It's a pretty bog standard thermistor, that the one I use.

cool bananas, was pretty much as I expected. Might go hit Jaycar tomorrow and see if they have a suitable thermistor in stock. Thanks Much for the info hughee

there one of the most common thermistors used, you find them in car engines, electrics heaters etc so there's usually someone local who has em in, failing that there pennies off ebay.

you should look for eyelet NTC thermistor, but it's not easy to find

Did you ever find a source for purchasing those? I'm having some issues with mine.

did occur to me a fair while after this ringlet thermistor thread came about and died but you could just use a brass earthing point crimp-on ringlet (basically the exact same thing) and crush the crimp point just enough to accommodate a 100k thermistor and seal it in with some thermal paste..... its pretty much what printrite did anyway.

such a terribly inefficeint use of a thermistor, the exterior mounted eyelet versions NEVER give accurate readings, it was one of the first things I got rid of and swapped the entire block out for one with two internal thermistor holes on either side so I could get the best possible reading from the nozzle for the board and use the second hole for a standalone temp reader to confirm the board readings.

thats also what i did and it was a bad idea, there is an algorythme into the printrite firmware that is made for eyelet thermistor.
When i changed it to an internal thermistor block i needed to up the temp to 240° to print PLA and control it it was a real mess. At that moment i understand the difference between the printed temp and the temp read.
I agree that they are not accurate but for the people who can't modify the firmware ;) it's better to fit the original setting.

thats odd that as I found my board reported temps improved in accuracy and were more closely tallied with the standalone temp sensors I was using in the second block hole (also utilized the same 100k ntc thermistor type)

maybe its another case ot printrite board "hit'n'hope" quality

I am really interested in trying this out. I now have 2 dead hot ends and the most recent one died due to a thermistor totally frying. I took the older hot end assembly apart and removed the eyelet thermistor (which looks like a thermocouple set up). I picked up a heater block and nozzle that uses conventional heater cartridges and NTC thermistors (which I have tons of) and plan to replace the heatblock and leave the rest intact. I wanted to see if what I was seeing on the hot end was a thermistor or a thermocouple and this thread has confirmed it to be a thermistor! Awesome!