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Cooling rigs for Mk3

by ghstgry

A long time ago, I screwed in the 50mm part cooler too tightly and split the case of the fan. As a result, it rattles a bit when running and accounts for about 60% of the noise from my printer running. I bought a replacement fan, but the connectors didn't match and I really didn't feel like disassembling the extruder to run new cables and such, so I've lived with it.

It got me thinking recently though. Why can't I just print out a new case part? Surely someone out there has made an STL of one, yes? Naturally, I can't find one. :(

Alternately, I thought about mounting a 40mm Noctua with a custom funnel to replace the 50mm cheapo fan. This would also have the advantage of allowing the fan to be angled AWAY from the hot build plate and blow actual cool air at the part. Not being great at part design, I'm wondering if anyone has done this as well?

Lastly, I've got a Meanwell power supply that I'd love to attach a 120mm fan to that pulls air out of the PS case, to prevent the internal fan from ever having to trigger. Alternately, if I can just replace the internal fan with something quieter, that'd be just as good. Any ideas along these lines?

Anyone know anything about these projects?

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Image size restriction?

by LittleMrJ

I can't upload design images anymore. Thingiverse says, "File image should be less than 500KB"... WTF?
How long has this been a thing? 500K is barely larger than a thumbnail.
I don't upload designs unless I can show I've printed them myself.
This is some bullshit.

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Research on makers and modular design

by lauraasion

Hi maker community! I am conducting a survey as part of an investigation by the University of Zaragoza (Spain) about makers and modular design. Would you be so kind to do it and collaborate in the dissemination? The more answers the better!

Thank you very much for your help!

investigation modular product_design research survey
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printer not reading thermistor

by RWBYandMLPfan1

I have a adimlab gantry and I broke the thermistor on it so I got a new one but the printer won't read the thermistor. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078GMLYPK/?coliid=I3FVOMN9AF3PSY&colid=3JPQMSPK0OAER&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it these are the thermistors I got and I don't know what to do to.

3d_printer adimlabs_gantry gantry helpful thermistor
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PrusaMent issues on i3?

by hukuzatuna

I have a few spools of Prusament filament. I have a print that works perfectly, multiple times, with the hot pink, but fails every time with the Azure Blue. All other factors are identical. Prusa i3 printer, bed 70, nozzle 215, speed 65%. Pink = perfect Raspberry Pi cases every time. Same gcode file, Azure Blue = globs of blue plastic all over the extruder (or would be if I weren't standing there watching like a hawk.)

Any suggestions? Is color-sensitive printing a common thing?

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