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by DrakenvangerJoost


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Attempting to add a BLTouch to my Geeetech I3 Pro X

by IAndrade

I just recently purchased a BLTouch. So PLEASE help me figure out these problems I am having during the setup.

I have it wired up per instructions given. Not sure if the connector into the Z-stop min is seated well. I will work on ensuring that connection is good.

Here are my issues with using the BLTouch during the setup:

• One at a time, I can tell the x to home, the X axis moves correctly. I can tell the Y to home and Y axis moves correctly. But When I tell the Z to home it does not move to home.
• If I send the G28 command, the hot end centers (X and Y), to the bed and the Z starts lowering until it hits the bed and keeps trying to go lower, (z motors shutter), I get a RED BLTouch blinking light and the LCD has a “Z PROBE OUT.BED” message.
• If I use the LCD to do an AUTO HOME, the same action occurs. The BLTouch stays RED until I manually lower the pin.
• None of M280 commands work.

When setting up the Marlin 1.0.1 firmware I also had some issues:
• On the “const bool Z_MIN_ENDSTOP_INVERTING = false” line the setting was already “false”. Do I have to change it to “true”?
• On the “#define AUTO_BED_LEVELING_GRID” if I remove the two “//” as mentioned, I get a compile error. The error states the following:
In file included from /Marlin.h:22,
from BlinkM.cpp:5:
/Configuration.h:442:9: error: floating constant in preprocessor expression
/Configuration.h:447:13: error: floating constant in preprocessor expression
/Configuration.h:451:9: error: floating constant in preprocessor expression
/Configuration.h:456:13: error: floating constant in preprocessor expression
• For now I have put the “//” back in front of the ““#define AUTO_BED_LEVELING_GRID” statement so I can get a good compile.

So…. Attached is a copy of the configuration.h file. I highlighted the lines in question. This is for Marlin 1.0.1..
If anyone has an updated Marlin files for this printer and happens to be already setup for the BLTouch, you would make my day!!

Now when I turn on the printer, the sensor lights up RED, then the pin goes down/ up twice. I then have to turn off the printer, disconnect the USB cable and restart Simplify3d software in order to get the RED light to go out and still cannot get the BLTouch to work.

Please Help!!

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Quick and easy disconnect

by The_Great_Dano

I have seen some people use d-sub connectors for their hot and connection for a quick disconnect, using two pins for the positive and two pins for the negative on the heater. I would like to know if there's any advantages or disadvantages using this method versus using a combination d-sub connector with power and Signal lines.

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Z-axis Grinding

by Nhcraig01

I recently upgraded my printer to use lead screws on the z axis. I have changed my z esteps to 400.00 and it seams to move the correct distance. When ever I move the axis manually everything feels very smooth however when it moves during a print I hear a fairly lound grinding sound coming from the motors. I have not yet appied grease to the lead screws. This happened as soon as I switched to the lead screws and I really dont want to switch back. I have scoured the interwebs and connot find anything that seams to help me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You,
Nick Craig

8mm_leadscrew leadscrew Z-Axis
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TMC2130 Stepper motors

by madsrinker

I just ordered 4x tmc2130 stepper motors has anyone tried them??

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZua6tg_Za0 Here is a video that show the difference!

I have my printer in my bedroom so really want it more quiet!

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