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Y-axis Slipping and I Can't Figure Out Why

by Webshooter

I've had my Prusa for about 3 years now, and in the past year, I've noticed that my Y-axis will randomly slip. It's not consistent, and I can print the same model 5 times and it only happen once. I've got the belt tightened correctly to my knowledge, and I replaced the linear bearings and cleaned the metal rods for the Y-axis as well. I don't know what else I'm missing as to why it would keep slipping. Any help would be appreciated.

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How to square XY/Frame

by pynej

So my X/Y is about 1.5mm out of true on a 100mm print. I'm not really sure how to square this, or the best approach to take. Theres lots of videos and discussion about squaring the Z and ZY, but nothing about the frame itself.

I have loosened the Y Carriage rods and levels them, and as far as I can tell the frame is solid, put together properly, and square. I think the y rods are just a bit "off".

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Slic3r First Layer Problems

by Nhcraig01

I have had problems with the first layer of my prints for quite a while. I have noticed that with my first layer extrusions are very squished together. I have adjusted layer height to the point where it is no longer being squished by the build plate and have adjusted the first layer extrusion width all the way up to 400%. Though adjusting the extrusion width does somewhat work, on prints with small first layers this solution does not suffice. I am trying to get a first layer were the individual extrusions are just barely touching. My first thought would be to change the first layer extrusion ratio but I see no such setting in Slic3r. Any advice to getting a better first layer would be greatly appreciated.


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Disappointed from the Prusa multi material printer

by bennylak

After playing around with the Prusa multi material kit I can see that the probability for filament getting stuck is much higher then the single material which causes print failures
This is very disappointing and is happening for a few of my friends as well

Has anyone else seen the same experience?
Anyone managed to really fix this somehow?

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pursa extruder calibation

by bassfly

how do you calibrate the extruder I need some help.

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