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How to control flow with different temps and materials?

by runtimeterror

After some issues with over- and underextrusion (albeit I thought I calibrated everything correctly) I decided to start from scratch.

The Anet A6 seems to have two firmware issues:

  • a flow setting of 95 % in the printer's menu results in a brittle mess. I seems to reduce the flow below 50 %
  • after changing the ESteps/mm setting the "extrude 100 mm"-gcode effectively extrudes a rather random amount (off by up to 15 %) for the first time. The subsequent tests are meaningful and reproducible.

I think the latter killed my previous attempts to calibrate the ESteps.

Back to topic: I removed the nozzle and calibrated the ESteps/mm to extrude 100 mm (+/- 0.5mm) for speeds of 0.5, 1.5 and 3 mm/s using some generic white PLA. (94.7 ESteps/mm)

Then I reassembled the nozzle and ran a few tests (100 mm each):

White PLA @ 210 °C

  • 0.5 mm/s -> 96 %
  • 1.5 mm/s -> 94 %
  • 3.0 mm/s -> 87.5 %

White PETG @ 210 °C

  • 0.5 mm/s -> 93 %
  • 1.5 mm/s -> 87 %
  • 3.0 mm/s -> 69 %

White PETG @ 240 °C

  • 0.5 mm/s -> 96 %
  • 1.5 mm/s -> 92 %
  • 3.0 mm/s -> 86 %

Rubber @ 230 °C

  • 0.5 mm/s -> 80 %

What can I learn from those values? The effective output obviously highly depends the the type of material (soft vs. brittle, PLA or PETG) the speed and the temperature.

Do I have to calibrate my extruder steps for some average material/temperature/speed?
Do I have to compensate the flow in the slicer for each print?
How do I handle varying speeds within the same print for infill/inner walls/outer walls/support/skin?
Can I deduce the max print speed from those values? What about the retraction speed?
Are there typical tolerances? What is worse: a slight over- or under-extrusion?

Can you give me some ideas how to handle this?

Thank you!

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Y Axis Misalignment Issue at a certain Height

by funshanas

Hi, everyone. I'm getting a problem in 3d printing a part. When it reaches a certain height, y axis of the printer slips and all the above part above that is misaligned a bit. I'm getting this 3 times, every time, gcode was generated separated, and placed command in pronterface, but the problem persists. If someone have solution to this, please help me in this regard. Pictures are attached.

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BLTouch will not deploy

by Nhcraig01

I just got a BLTouch and I cant seem to get it to do anything. I went into marlin 1.1.5 and enabled the BLTouch option. When I turn on the printer the sensor will light up red go in and out twice and then stop. When I try to deploy or stow the sensor manually or through pronterface nothing happens. I am using a ramps 1.4 and the wiring is correct. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Proper belt tension

by dflash0

Has anyone come up with a bell tension gauge or guide lines on to know if you belts are tight enough? Currently printing near perfect lines on all axis. Was able to print http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1019228 with all the detials. But eventually I assume the belt will stretch. I have seen the printed belt tensioners, and the one that uses the spring from wooden clothes hanger. What is the proper bounce? Is there a sound, like when tuning a string instrument? How much is too much?

Test your 3D printer! v2
by ctrlV
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Problem with Z Calibration - bad PRINDA?

by Jamie-Clay

After a long print my printer has decided something is wrong, perhaps with the PINDA?

  • It started with the error message - bed leveling failed sensor disconnected or cable broken

  • When doing a self test - I get the " Please check: Endstops Wiring Error Z" when it tries to raise the print head. But only when the print head is on the right side of the bed. If I move the print head to the left and redo the self test, it will pass

  • The PINDA light goes off when a metallic surface is near the tip

  • When trying to do a first layer calibration or mesh bed leveling I get a "bed leveling failed sensor disconnected or cable broken waiting for reset"

  • I've tried adjusting the PINDA position to no avail

  • I re-flashed the firmware version 3.1

So, I'm suspecting a failed or defective PINDA - is there any chance I can replace it with one from Amazon? I would like to get my printer back on line faster than waiting for the part from Prague.

Here is a video showing the Z calibration process. Note how it 'skips' over 3 right side points out of the 9 and the end just seems to stop with no indication of failure on the screen.


BTW- Has anyone replaced the PINDA with one of the ones found on Amazon, I can get those faster (and cheaper) than one from Prague.


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