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Stringing on my prusa mk2

by MasonStewart

So recently I have been getting an issue wher every single thing is stringy. I’ve used AIO Robotics pla, Proto Pasta glitter flake pla, Prusa pla, and Makergeeks pla. Same results. It’s not really bad stringing, but fine hairs between the parts. I dont know if it is the filament, slicer, or printer, but it happens with filament I know printed fine with the same settings and same Gcode so I am guessing it is the machine. I’m printing at 205C with 0.8mm retraction and 60mm/s retraction speed. 240mm/s travel speed, no z hop, and 25% of retraction before wipe in slic3r prusa edition. Does anyone have ideas of what on the printer could be causing it or someone with simplify3d could send me Gcode to test if it is the slicer? Maybe my settings are wrong. Thanks for the help!!!

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need help identifying controller board

by kees1776

Bought a very cheap Chinese prusa i3 kit for added fun and frustration. Trying to find out if there is a way to flash marlin to this board before switching to RAMPS. Any help greatly appreciated!

The printer is a Sinis or Leshp Z1 "upgraded" prusa i3 from Salon Technologies. doin the rounds on ebay and amazon etc.

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TMC 2130 Not working RAMPS

by pi314

I recently got 2 TMC 2130 drivers for my printer, and after following tom's guide on how to install them, I am getting no movement at all out of the driver. I hooked up my laptop for the console output, and I am getting a "short to ground" and "overheating" error on my driver, however, the driver is most certainly overheating, and I followed a guide on how to get rid of the short to ground error, only to have it still occurring. Does anyone know what to do? (these are genuine from filastruder btw)

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[PICS] Weird surface finish my parts, bed or Cura issue?

by tek18x

These are printed with an anet a6.

Recently upgraded to glass (although these parts were printed to the stock bed with the yellow paper)

Usually my bed leveling is "flat" when it prints, i set the paper while heated so it grabs but doesn't bend when i push the paper around, but wouldn't slip if i were to hold it against gravity. I feel this is correct?

I just switched to 210 nozzle and 60 bed with the glass as my first print came up, Is there a way for the printer to "fill in" these gaps in Cura? or some (specifically rounded edges) end up chopped and ugly. See pics.

3D_printing anet_a6 Anet_A8 cura cura_settings prusa_i3
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thermistor error

by Aurora_Borealis

my bq prusa i3 stopped heating. During a print the temperature dropped to 20° degrees.
And now it doesn't heat anymore. The display shows 18-20° degrees (room temperature) and it stays there. The temperature sensor seems to work, the hot end stays cold to the touch and when "heated" with breath the temp on the display goes up a bit.
I check the connections and wires (whiggled on them etc.) everything seems to be okay. Then after a few minutes I get the error "thermistor error" (see pic)
Any ideas?
Thanks guys!

not heating prusa i3 thermistor
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