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New Board Suggestions

by thomps38

Well, I'm throwing in the towel on my MKS Gen L v1.0 board that I was going to use on my Prusa. I haven't been able to get it to work right, so I think I'm just going to order a different board. (I honestly think the board is blocked since I can't seem to get my computer to connect to it.) Anyways, unless someone has a stupid simple idea on how to fix my blocked board, I'm getting a new one, so I need some suggestions.

  1. EASY TO USE. Plug and play would be best honestly, since I'm thinking of just selling it.
  2. Room for 5 stepper motors. (I have 5 stepper drivers already form the MKS so that's not an issue.)
  3. Optionally compatible with an MKS TFT28 touchscreen, since I now have one lying around.

If nobody has any suggestions, I'll just buy a direct replacement, which is a Melzi 2.0.

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Is my garage to hot for my Prusa?

by Chakotay1

Hello from Texas. I'm a complete newbie to 3D printing and just purchased a Prusa i3 Mk2.

Haven't made any prints yet as I'm still clearing out a space for it on my workbench. I plan to keep the printer in the garage, as there's not a lot of places in my house where I could fit it. My concern is that during the days here in Texas, the garage can easily reach 105F.

Is there any potential problems to printing PLA or ABS in that sort of ambient temperature?

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Anet A8 motherboard problem with extruder motor?

by angelljames9

Hi all,

I'm having a weird problem with the extruder motor not working. At first I thought it was a loose cable, checked all of the cables; still not working.

Then I swapped cables with the y-axis and extruder motor.. y-axis worked fine, extruder motor still not working.

My next guess is that i'm having a problem with either the motherboard or the extruder motor. I tried connecting the extruder to the y-axis motherboard plugin, and the extruder motor worked just fine. the y-axis did not move when I tried to advance the extruder.

So is my motherboard borked? is this a common problem?

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LCD Screen, BLTouch, and Thermistors

by Nhcraig01

So the other day I was dissembling my 3d printer to work on the hot end. After putting it back together I turned the printer on I came across some weird anomalies.

  1. The boot up screen showing the version of marlin took longer than normal to go away.
  2. The temperatures displayed for the bed and nozzle would drop about 5ish degrees randomly, when idle.
  3. When I run the auto bed leveling feature the LCD screen will flicker when the BLTouch is triggered.
    From what I can tell it will still print fine, though I have not gone through a full print. Any idea to what may have caused this or how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

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Whats wrong wiht my math? Stepper tuening

by divreig

So got a new build trying to tune my stepper motors . i have A4988 drivers. I am using the formula Vref = I_TripMax 8 Rs. yet it does not move and if increase voltage I get missing steps.

I have a motor with 1.5A, and resistor on the board is r100 rating so my math is : 1.5 x .7 x 8 x. 01 =0.084.

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