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Y carriage plate for 300mm x 300mm bed

by nuggyblake

I have searched high and low, but I can not locate a Prusa Y carriage plate that will work with a 300mm x 300mm bed. I want to use yer bog standard Y carriage with bearings etc.

Short of building one from scratch (which I could do), anyone have any links ?


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Noob question - Problems with some outer surfaces

by G8XUL

Hi Group. I'm using 123D Design / Cura 14.07 and printing on an Anet A8 printer.Generally prints are very good but I have a problem that keeps cropping up. If I print a model with a bottom surface that is above the bed - with suitable supports, the raised bottom surfaces are rough and don't appear to be treated as an outer surface. I've attached an stl file and photos of a typical print to illustrate the problem. The model was printed with the top surface on the photos on the bed. I've tried increasing the support to 30% grid but this doesn't help.

Is this a modelling or slicing issue? I don't see any settings in Cura that look like they will help.

I'd be obliged for any help in resolving this problem.

Thanks, Dave

123D_Design Anet_A8 cura
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Building from scratch

by nuggyblake

I have built a lot of Kit's over the years, but I have never truly built one from scratch. I am constructing a design similar to the rebelX with 30x30 aluminum extrusion. My goal is to build a dual z motor cartesian that a 300x300mm heated bed. I have 2 mk2s, so I will be building an Mk2s clone, only bigger. What i would feedback on are what you would use for the following'

  1. Mainboard - I would like to run dual z motors preferably from the same board, although parallel works. It needs to be open source obviously. I would also like to eventually add a second (dual) extruder motor. In terms of a dual Z, any thoughts on using a splitter or splitter cable ?
  2. Do you think the nema 17 with integrated lead screw would be worth the extra bread over a nema 17 with flex coupler etc ? I use both and Im not sure I see that much difference.
  3. Extruder options - I am looking for speed, so where I may vary is using a bowden not a direct drive. Any thoughts on a lightweight direct drive ?
  4. 24v vs 12v

I have the frame arriving next week, but I am open to any thoughts. Think of me as your muse ! Again, Im not worried about cost, just the best medium(s) that I can use. Ill be posting this as a project on thingiverse as it progresses.



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Please help! Print failed, extruded messed!

by daviscosplays

So last night I started a print and everything seemed fine when I went to bed, this morning I woke up and print failed. I am attaching images of what happened to my extruded. When I woke up there was a big giant blob of filament on the bottom and sides of extruded, when I tried to remove it cold it wouldn't budge, Re heated it to play setting and was able to take of said blob. Once I managed to clean up a decent amount I noticed the wires on the left side were detached and the red ones melted off, machine started smoking there. How can I fix this? Do you guys think I can maybe clean up wires and Re solder them? Or do I need a whole new extruded with wires? And if so does quine have recommendations? Thanks In advance!!

3d_printer extruder prusa_i3
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Malformed fan duct mount

by bioradio

Just wanted to get insight on why the cylindrical mount, shown on the right, came out so malformed.

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