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Pla vs damprid

by divreig

I have a couple of spools in an airtight container ,. I also keep damprid it in the same container. In order to keep the pla a nice and dry. But unfortunately the roles that were in that container are having issues. All the rules but these prints have missing Leader Heights and overall bad flow. Wondering if there's such a thing as keeping the pla too dry or there's some sort of reaction between the PLA and damprid

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Help with a mind feald of replacement frames

by TheMuletchron

For a while have been looking for a metal frame for my prusa i3 pro b as my curent one is not streight and there for wint print 2 adjecent lines at 90 degrees or a circle.

I have found a few extruded aluminium kits on alibaba and such but as i cant print the parts for these kits it then makes it an expensive endevor to get these parts. i was wondering if anyone had a sugestion of a kit that includes all parts needed.

here is an example of the kit i found without the 3d printed parts


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Can anyone tell me what I have and help me out?

by hdstonemeister

Ok, so I got what I was told was an Anet A8 from a website, (but one of the printed pieces says Prusa on it). It was taken apart and shipped to me. Not sure if what I have is really an Anet A8. I have gotten it together this far, but I am in need of a bit of help to finish it up.

There are 2 pictures of the progress so far, then the rest are parts that I just simply cannot figure out where they go or where to place them on the part I have already assembled. I can figure out what stepper motor goes to what part of the motherboard. I just can't figure out where the motherboard is supposed to be installed. I cannot figure out where the display is supposed to be mounted either. As for the rest of the pieces, I can't make heads or tails what to do with them either.

Any help, possible pictures or maybe files to print out on one of my other printers so as to provide something for the extra parts to fit on would be great!

Again, thank you for any help that you can provide!

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by MosheT

Hi all you prusa fans.
I own a wistro f2 (ender 3 style machine) and am interested to connect a MMU do any of you now if that can work?
Thank you.

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Looking for help for my master thesis - Online survey

by Gamzec

Hello dear community,

I need help for my master thesis. I am examining explorative behavior on Thingiverse and how it is influenced by personality traits. Therefore I generated an online questionnaire.

I would be very happy if you could take 5-10 minutes to complete my survey:

Many thanks in advance!

Best regards

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