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Near constant Issues with Homing fault + E Heating fault.

by DarkShadowX5

These problems happen randomly sometimes back to back or consecutively the same one. sometimes i can manage a print.

Heating Fault: I've replaced my nozzle and heater core. thermistor reads as it should but my only replacements are the kind that fried my old board by breaking.
Edit: Got heating fault on video, https://youtu.be/1KTiSp_bfy8

Homing fault: The switches tested and work fine, no motor noise, it just Homes X/Y doesn't try Homing Z at all and faults.

Any experience with either issue and fixing it? besides a baseball bat?...

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GT2560 Rev. A+ Mainboard

by Horror_18_m

Hi Folks, i've made a mistake as i messured the voltage at Fan port 3. As the tip touched the + and - pins i had a short circuit. Now the Q4 is burned. Could someone tell me what type it is or maybe take a photo for me? Please see the picture.

many thanks


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Problems with an Inductive Probe

by Nhcraig01

To start off I would like to thank anyone who has replied to a question posted in a Thingiverse group, this site would be all the lesser without you. Now to my question, I decided to install an inductive sensor on my printer the other day. I had done some reading and I think I have wired everything properly. To When I first powered on my printer I did a test to see if the sensor worked, when I held some metal up to it, the red light on top turned on, when I removed the metal the light went back off. All good. After the test I figured I would try to actually home the printer, this is where I encountered my problem. The hot end moved to the center of the bed, but then instead of just moving down till the sensor detected something, the x axis went up about 5mm, paused, than went up another 5mm. Just to be sure that it wasn't the sensor, I unplugged the sensor and homed again, same result. Any ideas as to what might be the problem would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Again,

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Smooth top layer, how?

by portshot

Hello... I find that I get really good prints from my Original Prusa MK3, but the top layer is never as nice as I would like it to be. See picture. Which settings should I play with to remove those lines? They seem to be created when the nozzle stops the infill to continue somewhere else, then later come back to finish the infill at that position

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Dual Z axis - Right stepper moves further

by Favi3dm

Hi, I have an ADIM Lab modified Prusa i3.
I bought it because of the 31 x 31 x 41 cm build volume. It has 2 steppers for moving the extruder up and down.
I experienced that the right side will move up a little bit further as it should. I believe because of the weight of the "x- stepper" which is mounted on the left.

It`s not a big issue, because of the difference is just 3/4 mm per print, but I wondered if anyone experienced the same.

Sorry if my English isn't perfect, I'm not native ;)

Thanks for your help

adimlab prusa_i3 stepper
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