A litlle help needed

by IRR2

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well.
I am new on this... I need to make a cube with this measures: 2,5 x 2,5 x 2,5 cm, with a square hole in the centre, 1x1 cm.
I don't know how to make a prefored cube. Can you help me with this? If it's posible and you have time, please, if you can make it, send me the .stl file to : irradsl@­gmail.com.

  • must be (if posible) a solid perfored cube.

Thanks a million in advance!! Stay safe and have a nice days at Xmas.
Kind regards to all!

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CTC A8 firmware problem

by Copkiller

I bought cheap CTC a8 plywood from Gearbest, I converted it into an aluminum frame and upgrade to Marlin 2.0 for safety and other.my z axis are 8mm threaded rods and the printer no longer works well.I ordered new lead screw but I will have to wait a month or two.Does anyone have stock firmware

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3d printed robotic arm

by ioannou0

well , i wanted to design and build a robotic arm for some automation that i want to do and there is no doubt that seeing your own creations work is awsome , if you want to take a look , you are more than welcome o do so ! ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2QkaCshTuE

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Image size restriction?

by LittleMrJ

I can't upload design images anymore. Thingiverse says, "File image should be less than 500KB"... WTF?
How long has this been a thing? 500K is barely larger than a thumbnail.
I don't upload designs unless I can show I've printed them myself.
This is some bullshit.

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3d printed mold

by ioannou0

well the title says it all ! but i think its very cool since not many people are advertising that method !! i can see some use in it when it comes to tools and many other things !


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Recommend a print head assembly?

by aamcle

Hello All.

I'm building a printer that should have a X Axis compatible with the Prusa products. :- 8mm di rods 45mm centre to centre with the X axis stepper 1/2 way between the rods. I picked this combination because it has so many options available but there in lies the problem.

I don't want to pick a printhead setup at random can you please recommend those that work.best?

Direct drive and Boden.

Thanks. Aamcle

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Prusa MK3S first layer issue with extrusion.

by BixlerVDL

The images attached show the problem: The first layer is inconsistent and the extrusion line splits towards the center of the print. Towards the sides, the print lines are better.

The printer is calibrated, the bed is leveled and the latest firmware is installed.

I was thinking it could be a worn extruder gear, but there are no signs of gear slipping.

I have already tried using different temperatures, z heights and flow settings.
Stock Prusa settings also did not fix the issue.
New nozzle also did not help.

The other layers look fine, the last photo shows an xyz cube.

If anyone has a fix to this solution please let me know.

Thank you for your time

first layer Help issue troubleshooting
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3d printed 2 axis robotic tilt/pan mechanism

by ioannou0

i posted my idea of creating a 2 axis robotic tilt/pan mechanism in here a couple of weeks back and many fellow makers seemed to be interested , so i created this video ! check it out if u want !


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buy mrk3s now or wait for mrk4?

by ColtonSparks

I plan to buy a prusa in the future (8 to 9 months) and I started to wonder if anything is being said about a prusa mrk4. I assume there will be an upgrade kit for the mrk3/mrk3s when the mrk4 is released, but I would rather not have to buy that after I have bought a mrk3. So I was wondering, when I am ready to buy, if there aren't any announcements concerning the mrk4, should I wait or just buy the mrk3s. I am open to any suggestions. Thanks.

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