Disappointed from the Prusa multi material printer

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After playing around with the Prusa multi material kit I can see that the probability for filament getting stuck is much higher then the single material which causes print failures
This is very disappointing and is happening for a few of my friends as well

Has anyone else seen the same experience?
Anyone managed to really fix this somehow?

Thanks for all of the advices I am after trying all of those and even still sometimes the filament gets stuck
The quality of the MMU is just not what you expect from a Prusa printer IMHO

From what I've read people have very different experiences of the MMU. For some it just works while for others, like you, it drives them to the brink of insanity. I really want it to work, but I'm still pondering whether to order one or not.

All of the people I know personally has suffered from this Prusa printer
It has too many issues (even some of the workaround which are not working all the time are ridiculousness to consider given the high quality bar you would expect from these printers)
I would suggest to avoid buying this Prusa printer

A week later, I still have not managed to print anything with my MMU. Mostly I've been fighting jams, tweaking this, that and other. Losing my mind, at this point!

Has anyone managed to print something with multiple filaments? What software are you using to slice and print?

Month on, still not getting better. :(

Make sure you have assembled all parts correctly, especially the PTFE tube that goes into the heatsink\heater block. On mine it was only reamed at one end. The counter sunk end must be upwards.

Also check on your retraction settings, I seen some models where a double retraction occurs, pulling the filament out of the heater block, cooling, and forming a blob at the end of the PTFE tube.

You might want to try this tip by 3D Maker Noob: https://youtu.be/7FQxHt1QgS4

Now I haven't tried it myself so I can't promise anything (I don't have an MMU).

I think you may have to dismantle the whole filament feed line and check for places its getting stuck, it mabe something as simple as the heat sinks on the hot end are to near the heat block, or the nozzle & ptfe liner inside the nozzle throat are making contact, there are many causes but some pictures of the printer would help.
I have had the situation where there has been a tiny barb on the ptfe liner causing it not to seat correctly.