What happened with my print!? Anet A8

Anet_A8 problem

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So the other day my extruder was blocked so I ordered some new nozzle and the plastic tube and replaced them.
As I tried printing some small prints they were fine but with some hair strings (probably from retraction settings...). Then I tried to print some of my 15cm tall rectangular object, while it is a very simple object my print failed during all of my 3 attempts and it seemed that the print went fine for the first 2ish hours then the whole object started to shift somehow and then the whole thing went wild and my nozzle fan even fell off the extrude head..
I'm attaching the images below.

Any comments are all appreciated!! I've been printing with my anet a8 for a while but still sucha newbie! Thanks in advance guys!!

Looks like there are several issues. First, and which may cause a whole range of problems, looks like leakage from the top of the heater block. To solve this you need to disassemble the block, throat and nozzle. First replace the nozzle and tighten it all the way, then back it off 2 turns. Refit the block to the throat and make sure it is fully tightened. Now heat the extruder, and re-tighten the nozzle. I find that a couple of layers of plumber's ptfe tape in the thread helps. As well as the belts being loose, over-tightening can cause the steppers to be overloaded, making them jump.

The first picture looks like you have plastic ooze coming out the top of your heater block.
Looks like the throat isn't tightened down enough.

Jess I don't know where to start asking questions.
I see hardware problems and possible software problems.
What slicer are you using?
Can you post a screenshot with the settings you have?
your nozzle seem to be loose or too tight, if you tight them too much the thread get damaged and they leak.
check your bells tension. and printing speed.

You got some work to do. Instead of printing you objects try printing a 20mmx20mmx10m cube to configure you printer first once your happy with the print then try your object. it could take several test prints of the cube before you aline your printer. Not sure if the N8 needs there motors tuned but that something you can look into. You may have to remake the 15 cm cube if the problem still there after your fixes. The code could be corrupt. I have had this happen to me once. you could try and repair it with a stl repair program.Good luck.

I'm with naviathan, and agree there are several apparent problems occuring before the big layer shift, that likely caused the layer shift (nozzle got stuck on a bit of overextruded material probably). The material oozing out the top of your heater block indicates a loose heatbreak (where it screws in toward the nozzle). It may be that your heat break wasn't tightened properly, but a tightened assembly can loosen after a had impact with something sticking up from an overextruded part.

I noted that your frame looks bowed pretty good from belt tension. This is where the a8 frame braces come in to play (search thingiverse for username "Leo_N"... he has posted a full set of braces for the a8 that are well engineered and proven to work). You can't get adequate and consistent tension with the frame bending like that. Besides giving the belt tensioners something stout to bare upon, frame braces will also reduce flexy/wobbling that the a8 is known for (this will yield cleaner sides on your print).

It looks that the nozzle and/or heat break are not properly screwed into the heater block. An amount of material is running on the side of the heater block. That results in underextrusion.
When installing a new nozzle, there must be a tiny gap between the nozzle hexagon and the heater block. To obtain this, the heat break must be screwed in a bit further more. Then Heat up the hotend and tighten the nozzle a bit more. Take care not to break the heat break.
Also have a look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txt6sxV6X88

have to agree here, I have swapped out the nozzle, hot ends, and feed tubes, on my i3, having similar issues sometimes. I found that a little teflon(thread) tape, around the threads going into the heat block, and also one final tightening once the block is hot makes a world of difference.
Once the flow around the nozzle caused a problem in the print, that is where you get the shift in the print, and it evidently in this case will take some time of printing to hit that threshold. good luck, and be patient with it.

Man, there are so many things wrong there...Start with making sure the belts are tight, everywhere. Then look at the extrusion rate. It looks way over extruded.