Connecting a GTM 32 PRO Control Board on the Geeetech M201

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I've purchased the Geeetech Prusa i3 M201 Dual Extruder printer kit, and have assembled it by watching the 31 YouTube videos and working out for myself what they aren't showing well. However, I was surprised to discover that there are no connection instructions for my GTM 32 PRO control board, and that the videos are for another board entirely. Moreover, it seems that the orientation with which I have installed my board won't suit the lengths of the already-loomed Y, Y & Z-stop switch cables. Does anyone have any updated instructions or experience of installing this board and, ideally, a connection diagram? I've seen this image online, and that helps.

Aha, I've found a post that shows me the correct orientation and interconnections of a GTM 32 PRO, which is apparently very different from a GTM 32.

I am still uncertain of the connection to the LCD, since it has a very thin, fine pitch ribbon cable of a type I've never seen before. I am guessing how to make the connection to that cable, but don't wanna damage it or the connectors. Any idea?

And now I've seen a part of the LCD connector in one of the YouTube assembly videos, so I can see how that ribbon cable is connected. I've done it, so now the whole M201 is assembled. Tomorrow the firmware or software or whatever.

hi, I have this board in my I3, GT 2560 as you can see it is straight forward where to connect the extruders. And it has never given me any problems. I have just ordered a dual extruder, so I will let you know if there are any problems connecting it, but I can´t see there being any.

Thanks robguiri; I've sorted it now, although my board is different from yours.

ok, great, have fun