buy mrk3s now or wait for mrk4?

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I plan to buy a prusa in the future (8 to 9 months) and I started to wonder if anything is being said about a prusa mrk4. I assume there will be an upgrade kit for the mrk3/mrk3s when the mrk4 is released, but I would rather not have to buy that after I have bought a mrk3. So I was wondering, when I am ready to buy, if there aren't any announcements concerning the mrk4, should I wait or just buy the mrk3s. I am open to any suggestions. Thanks.

I do not think the mrk4 will be soon released. The XL will come first.
It is good idea to wait for the bugs are solved on the new machines.
I would buy a mrk3s, solid and very good.
It is of course what you want : printing 3d things or tweaking a 3d printer.
I like to print 3d things, so I have got a mrk3s, no regrets.
If the mrk4 is there, there will be an upgrade for the mrk3s I believe.
It is the same with cameras' : the best camera is the camera you have with you.

I think you can be sure there will be some issues with the Mk4 at the beginning, which you should expect for any new printer model. But two things I love about Prusa is that they have a true commitment to constant improvement, i.e., they will fix those problems as soon as possible, and they have a commitment to offering a good upgrade path for existing customers. So, I'd say buy the Mk3S, which is at this point a remarkably performing machine, be happy with the superb print quality you get from it, and then wnen the Mk4 comes out, wait until the dust has settled, bugs have been fixed, and then get the upgrade kit.

So nothing is being said about the mrk4? Since I am waiting 9 months I was wondering if that would give prusa enough time to get the ball rolling on the mrk4. Or would you say that the mrk4 will not even be a thing by then?

Sorry for not knowing this stuff. I am an experienced Ender 3 owner and I don't normally keep up to date with prusa news. Thanks again.

No idea what the timetable is for the Mk4. My point was that whenever it hits the market there will be a break-in period to iron out the inevitable glitches. I think you’re better off buying the tried and true Mk3s and then upgrade — unless you like to live on the bleeding edge.

As @Kiff has pointed out here are confirmed plans for an XL but I wouldn’t consider this an alternative to the Mk3S/Mk4. It will have a much larger print bed, but I think the Mk3 serves the needs of the vast majority of people. I see the Mk3, the Mini, and the XL as very distinct product lines, targeted very different audiences.

The MK3S has a bigger print bed than most other printers on the market. Anything I've needed to print that extends beyond the print bed (my [https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4540742](spear point) for example), I print in pieces that fit on the bed. I'd rather print pieces anyway rather than one large print, to reduce risk of print failure.

King Kamehameha I spear head

I agree completely. I was just wondering if any new was saying anything about the mrk4. Thank you for your time.

Hi, I've heard that Joseph Prusa is preparing a Prusa XL, considering the delay you've planned I advise you to wait a bit ;-) But the MK3S is a bomb

I trust you mean "a bomb" in a positive sense. It certainly is for me. Not "a bomb" as in a failed Hollywood production.

Hello indeed when I say it's a bomb, it's a great material :-)